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  1. One other thing to keep in mind with Edman is that the Cardinals’ schedule was relentless last year with tons of doubleheaders and few days off, sparked by their 2-week COVID shutdown. Being young, they ran Edman out there game-in, game-out, harder than anyone. I don’t know if fatigue may have played a role in his performance dip, but it’s possible.
  2. Yes, I’m seeing Hendriks save #10.
  3. Yes, he deserves more recognition for the run he’s on. Last 10 games, 11-for-38 for a nice .289 AVG, yet 0 runs, 0 RBI. For a guy with that average end that lineup spot, how is that even possible?
  4. Welcome to my world (—Desclafani owner).
  5. So Jairo Diaz has been terrible with a WHIP over 2 and needing to be bailed out in two of his last three, and Estevez is going for x-rays on his hand. Bard next?
  6. Jairo Diaz getting bailed out again, this time in a non-save situation and by Estevez.
  7. Plate discipline is greatly improved in a 7-game small sample. That’s his main hurdle, so I took a flier in a couple leagues. The ball flies off his bat, it’s all about making contact more often, which he’s been doing.
  8. White Sox had 2-3-4 in the sixth, so I wonder if it was a matchup thing for Gallegos in a 7 inning game? Just a thought. Gant and Reyes warming for the seventh.
  9. Cards showing no rust against Giolito.
  10. I read that the Cardinals planned a bullpen game for Game 2, so he’s basically the opener.
  11. And the Reds are scheduled to play the Cardinals starting Thursday. Of course they are.
  12. He does have good career numbers there, one of the few guys I don’t worry about too much in that park. Especially this version of him.
  13. Exactly. O’Neill has been basically promised a fair shot, Fowler has that big contract, but Bader and his .234 BA in 302 games, .205 last year, is on a short leash, despite the defense.
  14. Freddy Peralta’s last 3 games: 9 ip, 0 er, 19/2 k/bb. In line for a win tonight after pitching the middle innings.
  15. Just Lane Thomas. They’ve promised O’Neill a fair shot this year, and he was doing well enough to warrant starting most days at this point. I could actually see them kind of rotating Carlson with Fowler and Bader for those two spots, along with one of the above DHing here and there. They’re going to need some offense out of that outfield though, so I imagine whoever hits is going to play more. With competition being the still unproven O’Neill, and the annually disappointing Bader and Fowler, PT should be there if he hits.
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