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  1. Welcome to the club. I did have a 6-7 record though. lol. Needed a 6-6 team to lose in Week 13 and the dude pulled the win by 4 points.
  2. You cant bench Kyler for Taysom. Especially with DEN playing with no QB. Cant blame yourself for that.
  3. Cant wait to lose after having Hill score 57.9 points. And I'm in last place in the league. lmao
  4. I've lost Dak and now Burrow. In 11 weeks, my QB has only gone over 20 points once. Im going to miss the playoffs with this team in a 12 team league. QB - Burrow RB - Cook RB - Duke WR - Hill WR - Fuller TE - Kelce Flex - Diontae
  5. I need an RB for this week. Just need to pick one. Coleman @ SEA Lindsay vs LAC Gallman vs TB Harris @ BUF Thanks
  6. Thanks. I do have Mattison in over Sanders this week. And Hooper in for Waller.
  7. If you really want Jeudy, then Akers. But I would be OK with keeping Akers as well and letting someone else have Jeudy.
  8. Cousins easy here. It's actually a really good option.
  9. 12 team PPR. Just got offered Lockett for CEH. What do you guys think? QB - Fitz RB - Sanders RB - Taylor WR - Cooper WR - Fuller TE - Waller FLEX - CEH BN - Mattison BN - Diontae BN - Chark BN - Hardman BN - McFarland BN - D. Harris
  10. Meanwhile the dude who started Gio Bernard, Slayton, Robby Anderson, Higbee this week is 4-1.
  11. This team is 1-4. lmao QB - Dak RB - Sanders RB - Taylor WR - Cooper WR - Fuller TE - Waller Flex - CEH
  12. Nah. Swift doesnt move the needle, especially in a 10 team league. Honestly, it's fair value. I wouldnt say it was a bad trade if you go get Adams.
  13. Meh. I wouldnt do it. JRob has been awesome. And Chark is a top 20 WR. Williams will never see your lineup.
  14. Your team is stacked. It's a fair trade. I would probably keep Taylor just because I like having the RB depth. His usage last game was super weird though.
  15. I would go with Bell. Even if Thomas plays, they might limit him. They have a bye week coming up, so they might just decide to sit him anyway.
  16. 12 team PPR Need to pick one for my flex spot. Miles Sanders @ PIT or DJ Chark @HOU
  17. Dont sit Ridley. I like Fuller, but sit him if it's between him and Ridley.
  18. 12 team PPR. Would you guys make this trade. I'm 1-3. WHIR QB - Minshew RB - CEH RB - Sanders WR- Davante WR - Chark TE - Waller FLEX - Taylor BN - Diontae BN - Fuller BN - Hardman BN - Matthison BN - Harris BN - RoJo
  19. I think you are giving up too much. I'd keep Julio and Bell. RBs are tough to find right now.
  20. Dont bench Zeke obv. I'd be inclined to bench Mixon and play Fuller honestly.
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