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  1. Torn between Gary payton and Shawn kemp. The Glove and reignman had the 2 coolest nicknames in their day. Since they were teammates on the Supersonics it aint cheating to pick both. I will admit losing to Mutombo and the Nuggets as the 1 seed is prolly their most memorable accomplishment.
  2. this reminds me of kevin Love missing an entire season breaking a finger doing knuckle pushups. The break is on his shooting hand so maybe they can splint it up or something. In any event not how the Hornets wanted heywards debut season to start off. Pretty sure Miles bridges gets a big bump.
  3. I would go harden Beal. u get 2 first rounders for 1 first rounder and 2 nice players. Yes Harden is flipping out but he under contract for a long time so he not really going to force his way anywhere. Not a fan of heyward. His Utah days are long gone and I think this huge contract going to remind people of Batum's and Joe Johnsons long contracts that kept running even after their skills disappeared. Yes MPJ has potential but Nuggets have other options and MPJ health is scary.
  4. Booker Donovan mitchell then Westbrook for me. The trade may help Westbrook But I still would prefer the other 2 guys.
  5. I would keep Donovan Mitchell. He just has fewer questions than Simmons. Plus he is healthier.
  6. I would replace them also. The season going to be here really fast and preranking going to be hard with moves leading up to actual game day tipoff. just post their teams in the looking for league section so new prospective owners can choose the team with the 6 keepers they want to take over.
  7. I would keep PG13. Since he is ur only SF. the 5 centres should be traded as needed for other positions or even draft pick upgrades. All 5 of ur centers would seem to have good to great trade value. I would toss isaac back next year he is sure to be load managed like crazy. Jrue is a close call he is keepable but the Bucks may limit his usage this year.
  8. U really can't compare the Thunder last year taking houston game 7 and Thunder this year going for a top draft pick. All of Shai's teammates have been downgraded. I doubt he has had enuff offseason to improve much. This team is a train wreck this year. He has no real teammate to pass the ball to. he has no real teammate to pass the ball to him. He has no real teammate to rebound. I think Shai will be the best player on Thunder but may not crack top 100 value. However the other 4 starters on team do have sleeper appeal on theory somebody has to score the 75 points they lose with every game. As
  9. I liked Og Anunby a lot more before the FVVV signing. Lowry, FVV, Siakam would seem to be the big 3 in Toronto. Norman Powell and OG may be a timeshare at the SF spot. Raptors always use a lot of depth players mostly to get a read on replacements of the older starters.
  10. The East is awful. with 7-10 playin games the hawks should be in the mix for sure. Trea is a surefire first round pick for me with Lilliard and Curry pushing him to the 3 PG slot.
  11. I don't think Adams going to Pelicans helps him at all. Losing CP3 as ur PG gaining Lonzo is a downgrade. Playing second fiddle to Zion is not a real benefit either. Cap off Jaxson Hayes the future centre gaining on his role and 3 strikes ur out comes to mind.
  12. Cov in Minnesota really struggled last year. His final value was all Houston fit and usage. When a guy doesn't score big he really can't slump which is a godsend for fantasy. Portland traded 2 first round picks for Cov so I would guess his minutes will be in the 30s.
  13. Delon Wright really steals his thunder at least early on. Casey and Delon go back to his Raptor days. Maybe they can play together later in season who else they got? Drose is the real loser got passed in the back and front.
  14. would be rare for a player who ate his way to 1B to go to a real position afterward. Much more likely he eats his way to DH or another team. Losing the weight is great but having gained it once it is more likely to blow back up higher than before. the yoyo effect is a real syndrome.
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