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  1. Brady lobbied to get another guy who was out of football for years. How's Gronk doing?
  2. 1 game, 4 short catches on 8 targets. Flawless chemistry.
  3. All this hype over a 32 year old with more felonies than receptions the last 2 years.
  4. Brady has a history with Brown. I remember that pass he threw to him.
  5. Do you actually envision Miami up by a couple of scores? Over any team?
  6. That league is TD-heavy, 10 points for rush TD. Fournette as goal line guy on a good Tanpa offense is appealing. JR has the floor, LF has the ceiling.
  7. And without Right Guard, they stink.
  8. It's almost as if success at North Dakota State isn't a great indicator of talent...
  9. With Fournette's "arrival" and Rojo showing competence, I can see McCoy being cut after that pathetic dropped TD. If he can't be trusted for easy catches, what's his purpose.
  10. Fun fact, the first ever MNF game was 50 years ago tonight.
  11. Never thought I would even consider sitting Mahomes, but is Josh Allen the better play this week?
  12. What's the deadline for making that call in SF?
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