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  1. can't just dribble out the clock and get fouled sigh Edit: I saw the scores wrong; I thought they were up by 7. Never mind!
  2. Brown is a big boy man. He’s just huge and moves well for his size. The fact that he can put up stats even though he sucks at basketball shows you how much physical talent he has. He’s big even for nba standard. Bradley is the better player, but that’s because he’s more skilled and has higher IQ. I am just trying to explain why OKC starts Brown instead of Bradley - you can teach skills and IQ, but you can’t teach size.
  3. Well, he’s not special. Solid big men like him are quite easy to find, and each team only plays 2 big men now anyways. The supply greatly outpaces the demand. If I was OKC I would focus more on Brown too since he’s so physically gifted. You just hope he has half a brain and learn the game eventually like Time Lord. Bradley’s upside is lower and you can find similar players to replace him quite easily.
  4. Lol you really think a 21 year old kid will think all that? I am sure team politics is the least of his concerns
  5. I guess Bradley just doesn't excite people lol. The fact that OKC keeps starting Brown means Bradley doesn't excite them either unfortunately. It's pretty obvious by now Bradley is the better player, but Brown is better at putting up garbage stats. I guess OKC thinks Brown's ceiling is higher than Bradley's if they can teach him how to play basketball, even though Bradley has better performance history and pedigree.
  6. Playing the B2B? I guess Cavs are going for the playoffs
  7. Gets benched next game for selfish stats pumping in a loss. /s
  8. He's not as valuable (in the eyes of Pistons management) as Bey, and he's not much better than Josh Jackson. Pistons will give equal burn to these guys.
  9. Forgive me for jumping in you guys' argument, but: I don't think Prime Magic would dominate today's NBA... Prime Magic couldn't shoot to save his life, and NBA today won't be dumb enough to put 6'2" point guards on him. Teams today also don't roster 6'8" slow white guys just because they are 6'8" and could shoot 18 footers - they rather roster 6'8" black guys who can't shoot at all but are uber athletic. The level of baseline athleticism and physicality has increased quite a bit from the old days. In terms of athleticism, Scottie Pippen was head and shoulder above everyone back then, but you l
  10. He kinda reminds me of a smaller Zach Lavine at the same age lol
  11. It's like owning a car. If you owe a Toyota Camry, you don't give a crap about waxing it, accessorizing it, or customizing it. It's just a piece of metal that gets you from point A to point B. If you own a Tesla, however, you are washing it every day and buying all types of accessories for it. NBA players' salaries have become so high that as an owner/team you just have to protect your investment. I personally won't give a crap about load management if I was a small market team. Your players will just leave you for LA/NY if they develop into superstars anyways. I'd just play them 40 minu
  12. he and KD will take me to the promised land lol
  13. Lol that can also show you the state of the Magic. Okeke is the ONLY young prospect getting playing time. Fultz is hurt. Isaac is hurt. Cole is hurt. Bamba can’t get minutes. Wendell Carter looking more Tristan Thompson than Al Horford. Just a sad franchise.
  14. He looks good out there. He reminds me of Tobias Harris and Otto Porter. He's not somebody who can the primary initiator on offense but he is a very good at secondary chances off the catch. He won't take the ball and dictate the offense even though his handle looks decent when he runs it up the court after a defensive rebound. He's not gonna be a league winner, but he'll definitely be a good piece for the fantasy playoffs.
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