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  1. You do realize the Pistons are trying to lose, right? Hayes being trash plays right into their plans. They will gladly take a couple second round pick for Delon if the offer is on the table.
  2. There's no use to even figure things out. Covid and now even the weather situation have this fantasy season as random as it comes. You are winning if your team doesn't have too many covid quarantines and/or PPD games. You are losing if you do.
  3. It's not a 2 week recovery. It's a 2 week waiting period before the next evaluation.
  4. This is why he’s delon Wright lol. Finally got the opportunity to ball out then he tears his balls. By the time he gets back pistons will be in full tank mode. Isn’t Hayes coming back around late March?
  5. I think 3PT% is a better category than DD though, because 3PT% along with FG% and FT% reflect a player’s real shooting % whereas DD is such an arbitrary threshold that doesn’t mean anything. Why does 10-10 get 1 point but 10-9 doesn’t? Why doesn’t 20-20 get 2 points then? Those stats are already accounted for in their respective categories too so why assigning extra value to them again? If we are doing something so random and arbitrary, why not add a category for 50% FG, 40% 3PT, and/or 90% FT? I
  6. Draft and acquire those 5 players then. There are only 5 players who get blocks too. Only 5 players who dominate assists. Scarcity is the name of the game
  7. I actually have FTM in my league too. It’s actually a good gauge of how good your players really are. Players who can get to the line are almost always the best players on the game, and that’s why you are playing fantasy right? Collecting the best players
  8. Looks like we are divided into 2 camps here: one group recognizes the hustle and the other group focuses more on the final results. What we can't deny is his ability to get to the ball, however, and that's not something every NBA player can do. Let's say we are evaluating an FA for offense, which one would you rather have? Player A: 7/8 FG, 16 points Player B: 5/20 FG, 16 points I'll take Player B any day of the week because to take that many shots despite missing so many shows he has the command of the team and trust of the coach, whereas Player A just had a fluke game. Sinc
  9. Timberwolves haven't had their full lineup so it's tough to evaluate their personnel. I won't necessarily rule out Vanderbilt yet. KAT has only played 7 games this year and they have run a frontcourt combo of 1 offensive + 1 defensive player next to him: Layman / Okogie: 2 games; both losses Hernangomez / Culver: 1 game; win Hernangomez / Okogie: 1 game: win Edwards / Okogie: 2 games; 1 win 1 loss Edwards / Vanderbilt: 1 game: 1 win At the point, we can lock in the other 4 players in the starting lineup, so it's just a matter of who is the best fit next to th
  10. I guess it's because Kuz's stats are just too empty calories
  11. Hard to rebound when you are swatting the shot to the 5th row
  12. Agreed. He took the money knowing the team sucks and has always sucked. It’s like marrying a 80 year old man then bitch about bad sex. He wants stats and money and he got them. If he wanted to win he wouldve signed with a different team to be the 2nd or 3rd option.
  13. It has nothing to do with confidence. I doubt a player like Book will have confidence issues lol. I think it's just playcalling.
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