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  1. I covered Bellinger for 3 years. I talked to teammates, scouts, hitting coaches, people in their front office. I have talked to Cody. He is one of the most God-given, physically talented guys to ever step on a field in the last couple decades. His talent alone is so good that he was able to win the MVP and rookie of the year with that talent. He is a freak athletically. but he’s not going to tell Men’s Health or a publication that he spends a lot of time playing video games rather than in the weight room or studying video work. That’s a fluff piece. There are those and then there is
  2. 1. Bryce Harper has an MVP caliber season and the Phillies win their division. Archie Bradley solidifies their closer role. 2. The Chicago White Sox make the World Series. They win their division by 10+ games 3. Cody Bellinger has a really tough year along the lines of 20 HR, .240, and plays in around 120 games. 4. Aaron Nola wins the NL Cy Young 5. Byron Buxton hits 20 home runs, steals 40 bases, plays in 150, and posts a 7+ WAR season. 6. The Blue jays get a breakout from Guerrero Jr. but allow the most runs of anyone in baseball. Charlie Montoya is fired in august
  3. Almost willed the Celtics back from a huge deficit with some incredible shots. He goes MIA for some spells but usually ends up with 24-30. He’s right on the edge of being a top 10 guy
  4. A lot. There are guys without more than 2 months at bats selling for thousands of dollars every day. Vlad has big hobby appeal!
  5. Doesnt baseball lose the 30-50 year old demographic AND their children if this happens?
  6. None. He just keeps doing things that most people lose their job for and yet he spits the hook and survives. I don’t get it.
  7. I don’t think they do. It amazes me how tone deaf baseball is from owners to players. They seem pretty set on cratering this once and for all
  8. Having a huge spring. Using the whole field. This is so good to see
  9. Hoping this intercostal injury doesn’t linger
  10. You’re correct. Did you miss this time last year when he lost weight, “got skinny” and then games happened and he was heavier? Serious question. I don’t know if anything supports my theory more, he lost a ton of weight one year ago and then in the shutdown gained it all back because of lack of discipline
  11. He is actually easily one of my favorite players for multiple reasons. My friend works for the blue jays and said he really likes him but he has a sense of entitlement if you want to know the truth and that’s as far as I’ll go. I probably own about $10,000 worth of his cards which is a secondary reason I hope he goes off. But objectively I won’t lie, he’s not a kid who played his way off an island, he is the son of a big leaguer and I don’t know if the hunger is there or not. But he’s got my support because he can popularize the game in three countries and be great for the sport.
  12. No the work stoppage won’t happen this year during season. There would technically be a lockout after the year when the CBA expires. They have to agree to a new CBA before the start of the 2022 season to avoid a work stoppage. This season will happen but the following is what worries me. I really don’t want to see my favorite sport become boxing. it’s made a lot of mistakes and mis-steps but like family I still love it despite its warts. I’m rooting for them to get it right. Especially with the nucleus of young players (I think this builds new fans) being as good as it has been arg
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