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  1. It’s possible he posts huge numbers for a rookie if they just stop sitting him every 5th day. FFS just let him DH.. if he has to be off his feet and drinking cucumber water let the kid DH and rake. He can pull out 20/80/.300 if they stop doing this.
  2. Kid gloves! He is 20! He needs an added day off a week?
  3. You are spot on. They’re a bad organization. Other posters here will play devils advocate on any great point
  4. Sitting again. Against a rookie lefty. I hate the way that this organization does things
  5. Stop healthy sitting this guy. It’s ridiculous
  6. He’s not really even a baseball player anymore. At least it wasn’t a headache or his wisdom teeth bothering him today.
  7. Slugging percentage of a slap hitter. Glad he lost my interest years ago
  8. Those tigers teams had Magglio and a lot of other weapons around Miggy. And some pitching. Want to see Vlad play on some winning teams and the blue jays win. It’s good for the sport
  9. Much bigger offensive upside but can’t be a 10 WAR guy like Acuna Bc no defense to get there. Of course what do any of us care about defense
  10. I said he was swinging more aggressively. Then he went on a tear
  11. How many of them are household/top 100 list guys? 75% of these guys won’t be big leaguers. I have interviewed Manoah personally. What are you basing him on? Has he thrown 40 professional ball innings yet?
  12. Why don’t you name what they have organizationally aside from the five I named; across any level. I want names. Go ahead I’ll stay in the thread and wait. Also biggio and Jansen are fringe.
  13. I have scoured their levels pretty close. they don’t have a ton aside from Vlad himself, Gurriel jr. Bichette, Biggio who is fringe, Jansen. Honestly no great prospects. They have a long ways to go. He’s going to be on a lot of losing teams. Hopefully it doesn’t permeate his performance
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