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  1. Seems to be pitching well since recent call up. Anyone have any insight on him or thoughts. Assuming he holds the rotation spot.
  2. Not before Kershaw comes back - right?
  3. no way Morton or Peacock go anywhere.... Astros would be stoopid to take two of their best SP out of the rotation.
  4. This cannot be the end if Dahl. He is coming up this year!!
  5. Wondering the same thing.... I have to assume so...
  6. This is my fault! I traded for him in my keeper league. My bad fellas
  7. Traded him for Arrieta and may have gotten the worse end of it...
  8. He is not being dropped in my leagues 12 and 16 team and they are not responding to trade offers.
  9. Benched him for the week in favor of Duda... There
  10. Starting to hit like it's 2015....
  11. The Pedro work is exactly why I drafted him everywhere
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