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  1. Non-PPR league trade. 


    Gave: Hyde, Tyreek Hill and Cohen. 


    Received: Antonio Brown, Dak and Riddick.


    I own Dez as well so now there will be the Dak to Dez combo. 


    New team:

    QB: Dak, Mariota 
    WR: A Brown, Dez, Keenan Allen, Watkins
    RB: Fournette, Gillislee, Riddick
    TE: Engram 

    IR: David Johnson 

    Dropping: Corey Coleman, Luck for WW RB lotto tickets. 


    Good or bad trade? 

  2. 15 minutes ago, TennisMenace said:

    This makes Goodell look like a bigger jerk.  How can you suspend a guy for 6 games without any credible evidence to show his guilt?  In fact, all credible evidence shows he is NOT GUILTY. 


    Why did the players agree to give that much power, Including the removal of their constitutional rights, to some ego maniac like Goodell?   This whole thing is a farce.  And I'm not even a Cowboys fan....my team is their enemy, the New York football Giants. 


    Look up "preponderance of evidence" and "proof beyond a reasonable doubt".  When you start talking guilty vs not guilty criminally, there's a lot more to it. There is more than a 51% chance that he beat that girls a** and pulled another girls titty out in public. 

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