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  1. Gotcha. Yeah. To play a sport you already have to be an elite level athlete. Being a jabroni beer league guy it won’t do jack for you in making you into an elite athlete.
  2. Was watching the game and don’t remember him being ejected. Only heard Castellanos gone for sure.
  3. I doubt that. Tony loves him some Tom Collins.
  4. And they didn’t IL him and put him on a throwing program! So they did do this! This is my fault. I tried to out logic on something the Mets would do. Might as well nickname them the HazMets. They are a hazard to everyone who players for them.
  5. How can you not love this guy? Basically the great Jambino.
  6. No, they do. With this injury bein a no doubt 6-8 weeks he’ll probably get placed on the IL sometime soon. or, since it’s the Mets, they’ll enter him in the NY marathon as rehab in 2 weeks.
  7. Yes. I fear a torn hammy at some point.
  8. Just like that guy Barry Bonds who was known for not making adjustments and got exposed in the postseason. Lol
  9. Wow. Mahle and Barnhart with one of the worst situational pitching innings I’ve seen in awhile. 1-2 counts to Wong and O’Neill and they throw the same slider twice In a similar zone and give up two doubles and runs. Awful. No reason to throw that pitch in the zone.
  10. So of course he’s batting 7th today. 60ish PA’s vs lefties with even splits, roughly, and he seems like the teams best hitter right now. I don’t get it. But it seems even his manager doesn’t fully believe.
  11. Noooooooo severino pulled, looked like a groin issue why lord why
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