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  1. Why are there haters still in this thread? If you extrapolate his last 6 games over a full 16, he is balling Studly...1800 yards, 100 catches and 18 tds??? Cmon now; just admit you were wrong and move along.
  2. Derek Carr has been awful; not sure if you guys have been watching, but he is obviously not Gruden's QB of the future....Cooper was getting separation per metrics, but lacked focus at times. Play action over the top to Cooper at least 3-4 times a game now; he goes to a bankable 6-12 targets a game, maybe more if the Cowboys offense wakes up; they definitely have the best Oline in the NFC east right now; opens things up for Zeke too. He was basically unstartable in Oakland, this is very good news for Cooper owners, and most def buy low on him; he's an upside WR2 IMO by Week 10 and
  3. I've got Zeke #1 on my board as well...Feeling a classic LT/Faulk/Priest type of year out of him...
  4. Forte out, what are you guys expecting in PPR for Mr. McGuire?
  5. It doesn't change anything with regard to how defenses will play them; you can still run the read option or play action with Alf; nothing changes. 15 carries a game behind that Oline is def solid RB2 material...Don't overthink it.
  6. Oline blows; coming from a Hawks fan, this is a nightmare start; Russ is unstartable until further notice....Back end QB1 unfortunately.
  7. Pump the brakes, I own Hunt in two leagues, but it's Week 2!! 15 weeks to go bra
  8. I'm all in on Gurley this year; he's going to get close to 300 carries, and catch more passes; has a nice floor; as last year was definitely a down year; has a ceiling of Top 3 RB. Too much talent to not shine in his 3rd year as a pro.
  9. Fournette def has the talent, but Jax offense is brutal; they will be stacking the box all day; and I still feel like they are going to have Yeldon and Ivory mixed in there; Just a bad landing spot for him unfortunately.
  10. He's got the talent, but will prob be buried on the depth chart; a dreaded 3 man RBBC, Hill is a decent short yardage runner, and Gio is very strong pass catcher, so a lot has to break right for Mixon to be a startable asset this season; worth the risk, but temper expectations.
  11. My take on Cooks is that he is not elite in terms of talent, could he work his way up to that top tier? Perhaps; but he is tiny; and is a burner; more of a gadget type IMO; prone to big games and then duds...You have to think if NO really valued him that they would have kept him for Brees. I think Cooks will be a very strong WR2, but I think the hype is getting a little too much for my tastes. Just so much uncertainty with Brady, he's a trust guy; so it's hard to just assume that Cooks will gel with Brady from the gate...We'll see.
  12. I love Lacy as a later round target this year; Rawls just cannot stay healthy; and the Hawks will be a NFC Champ contender, so will assert the run; Prosise is awesome, but way too brittle; I think Lacy will emerge as a 3 down back; there is basically no downside to his ADP as well. Carson has looked good, but they will not trust him as a rook to pass protect.
  13. There are good arguments for Gronk here, problem is that the dude just can't stay healthy.
  14. Diehard hawks fan here; Rawls just can't stay healthy; he runs so out of control; I don't think he's worth the pick this year; with Lacy in shape and hopefully Prosise healthy for passing downs; there just won't be enough to warrant a bench spot IMO...Spend your draft pick on a flier.
  15. Going to try and not overthink it and go best player available; I think that strategy is working best in mocks this year; really depends on draft positioning though; I'm not feeling the bottom of the first round; so hoping for a top 6/7 pick.
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