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  1. NFL: We have determined that there are zero clo$e contact player$ near Dez $0 it i$ $till $afe to move forward with the game.
  2. Hopefully people on here still don’t think he is overrated and not deserving of that contract. All it took was BoB to get fired for him to be unleashed. Suspect O-line, zero running game and a carousel at WR and he is still ballin out. Easily top 3-4 in the league in terms of performance this season.
  3. And I am out with that Seattle loss. What a day...GL to those who are still alive.
  4. Had a feeling about that Raiders game all week and faded them. Cover 0 on that TD play with 13 seconds on the clock...what a joke. Tank call...
  5. He'll get volume but seems like a trap. Jets only giving up 3.8 yards per carry - Raiders gonna have to beat them through the air on Sunday.
  6. Very surprised that many teams have KC remaining...
  7. Looks like Jacobs/Abraham have been ruled out for the Raiders...not great.
  8. One team in my league has yet to set his line-up and there are playoff implications with 3 spots up for grabs. No rules about fielding a fill line-up but given that this is a competitive league and everyone has been active thus far, what do you do? Update his roster for him or leave it be?
  9. Buckner officially activated this morning - not sure if he will play or not but looks to be that way. Don't trust anyone else on the waiver and Watson is on absolute fire so going to go down with the ship.
  10. Hard to hang on history here as those prior year games were mostly with Luck and when Hilton was the top dawg. Noodle arm Rivers isn't helping his cause and the Colts offense have a bunch of guys that get the ball. He is not a bad dart throw though...
  11. Looks like Autry has been activated from the COVID list by the Colts. If Buckner comes back as well and couple that with Fuller's suspension, this week is looking more bleak by the day for Watson and the entire offense.
  12. Unless you have a history of concussions, I think you should be fine as long as you pass protocol. Concussions are pretty straight forward in the sense that if you pass protocol and you are ready to play, I don't think you should worry about "lingering" effects as they wouldn't have passed you if you still has post-concussion symptons. If he is ready to play, he should be good to go.
  13. If Jacobs/Agholor sit, then I will fade the Raiders.
  14. Damn looks like Bud Dupree tore his ACL - another big hit to the LB corp.
  15. Not necessarily - we said the same thing about the Cowboys (one of the worst run defenses in the league) game and he had a great fantasy day Jaguars are not very good but they keep games close because they lean on Robinson heavily. This will be much closer than we think - the Vikings just don't blow teams out. Plus I think they start to scale Dalvin back a little - he is pretty beat up at the moment.
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