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  1. I would rather have one of the replacements like Washington, Lewis or Boone
  2. He's been pretty consistent. Wonder how he stacks in ppr compared to fill-ins like Lewis, Boone and Washington for this week
  3. Saw he injured his knee? but didn't see any reports on it?
  4. Nope he was covered (everybody else was open)
  5. Great game. He did drop a pass early that deflected into an INT. But they went right back to him the following drive
  6. Curious what his usage ended up. He looks solid but I think fantasy stats won't be great until next season
  7. Total for the game is 14 Sit for sure.
  8. Pitched twice in a row though. Unavailable today for sure. Hope they don't get another chance and muddy the situation further
  9. I own him in a deep Dynasty but honestly there are so many receivers with more prominent roles even if Brown is gone Floor is very low
  10. No longer listed. Playoff owners I think we must drop. Not an ounce of news about him
  11. Yahoo listing him as a starter for the 11th
  12. 2 start vs Pitt and Miami. Wow I've been holding all year in Dynasty and was annoyed he'd lose IR status for the playoffs but now I might actually start him
  13. Peyton Manning was a top 5 qb with a much worse arm
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