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  1. Can you email me also so I can check it out? kyle@4-cp.com. Thanks
  2. I hope everyone's #1 pick and sleeper pick pans out!
  3. Need 18.73 from either James Conner or Dionte Johnson in a .5 ppr. I figure Dionte has the better shot, so he'll start.
  4. Still taking a chance in dynasty. He is 21 years old, coming off a 13 game season. Still time to figure out what he really is.
  5. I like B. All this Harden stuff makes me nervous too.
  6. This was my thought exactly. Sometimes a rule is made, and a commissioner forgets to add it in on the site. We have a league Constitution which lists these rules so we don't have to depend on the site for everything.
  7. Yeah, I think if there is no rule to prevent it then it's fair. It sucks but that's the way it is. We have amended our rules year after year to combat this and other types of things.
  8. This guy has been locked in my line up all year. Besides a couple weeks where he was a dud, he been solid for the majority of the season in my full PPR league.
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