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  1. Agree with Sriracha... I think Bridges will disappoint in H2H, you'll always want more, but he is the definition of a 9-cat roto guy--will contribute to some categories you'll be thrilled about (steals and threes) and won't hurt you anywhere... Jonas Nader called him "the next Covington" and I do think it's possible he grows into that but I guess it'd be a little surprising if he did that this year... still though I'd definitely draft him at the right price
  2. Preferably Auction preferably decent buy-in, at least $50 preferably Yahoo DM if anyone has one
  3. I have seen the suggestion that commissioners freeze transactions for now (so people don't benefit from picking up Brogdon, Oubre, etc) Not sure about it. Any thoughts? Also: If you do this, what about when the games are starting back up and you (as commissioner) turn the transactions back on? Do you make it follow waiver order, or just let it be a free-for-all?
  4. Interested ... but doesn’t look like a Superflex league? All I see listed are regular flex spots
  5. Title says it all, 12 team H2H Need to drop one to activate Blake thanks
  6. 12-team H2H, weekly lineup lock Due to some things: Steph and Blake being injured, Rubio being no longer Rubio, lots of my guys having 3-game weeks, going up against a strong team in my league where his guys all have 4-game weeks.... I am projected to lose 7-2 next week. And I am projected to be obliterated in most categories (meaning I likely don't have a shot at getting lucky and winning them), and also the ones I am projected to WIN I am projected to only win by a relatively small margin So a 9-0 loss is not really that hard to imagine SO I am considering bench
  7. 8 team league (I know, I know) I would love to buy low on Michael Thomas (his owner just lost DJ and needs running back) 1. Is giving up Hyde and Martavis too much? 2. Is giving up Ty Mont and Terrence West too much? QB Russell Wilson WR AJ Green/Jordy/Martavis RB Ty Mont/Hyde TE Gronkowski Flex CJA Bench: Ingram/John Brown/T West/T Cohen/Jacquizz/Bilal Thanks
  8. Yahoo 10-team All settings are default except: 1 point PPR Addition of one Superflex spot and No Kickers or Defense Should be mega-fun, hit me up with any questions Yahoo handles all money with no fees Payouts: $600/$300/$100 Here is the link https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1190345/invitation?key=37a48b7bfd80b081&ikey=c6a66ad0ae1862c7
  9. 12-team, full PPR I have the Amari side but am looking for another RB, do you guys like Ameer? Thanks
  10. I've been wanting to have a 2 QB league And also a streamlined league with no kickers and no DSTs Big emphasis on skill position players So here it is Live Auction Draft Aug 25 at 9:00 CDT FAAB waivers Default Yahoo settings except for 1 point PPR 1 IR spot Yahoo money league so Yahoo handles all money, 100% payout 1st place: $600 2nd place: $300 3rd place: $100 Here's the link to see full settings and sign up: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/982624/invitation?key=e53
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