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  1. Exactly what I'm thinking. I'm benching for now but see no reason to drop.
  2. Same here, I lost this week due to that call. Unreal. I'm hoping, like many others, that having Trubisky bach there will help to open up the offense and not allow the D to stack the box.
  3. Also, I'm here to eat a little bit of crow. Looks like I was completely wrong on Jones. He looked really good out there yesterday. Good thing I dropped him and picked up Alex Collins instead........
  4. IMO, he doesn't employ a RBBC when he doesn't have to. Early in his career he had Ryan Grant who was their primary runner. The year they won the SB in 2010, Grant got injured early in the season and McCarthy had to make due with what they had. But during the playoffs and SB that year James Starks played well and he was their primary runner. Then the RB position was bad until they drafted Lacy in 2013 and he had a couple of good years so he was their primary runner. And then it got bad again when Lacy turned to you know what. Now we are in Monty era but he can't stay healthy so who knows
  5. This thread has me all like...... As many others have pointed out, Doug looked really good last night and I am stoked with his performance. I was able to draft him in the middle rounds and based on last night, he has the potential to put up RB1 numbers. Even if he doesn't and he puts up solid RB2 numbers, why is that a problem? You people need to chill out and enjoy the ride while it lasts. Whether it is one week or the rest of the season.
  6. Completely agree. Does it ever seem like teams/coaches just completely sh*t themselves when they go up against the Pats and Belichick?
  7. Hogan has been on my bench this entire season because I didn't believe in his abilities. It has cost me 2 games this year. I started him this week and the only time this year he will be leaving my lineup is when he is on a bye. I can't believe it took me this long to come around. He is the real deal.
  8. I don't think they ever had to go to the air. They were never down by more than two scores. The game was within reach the entire time. It was 13-7 at the half and 16-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter. They had plenty of time to still pound the ball. Especially coming out of halftime.
  9. Is it possible that Martin was "out of gas" for most of the 2nd half? I'm completely speculating but you hear all the time about how players need to get into "game shape". Maybe Martin was too tired? I'm not sure I'm buying my own thought here but whatever.
  10. I'm not sure that @JaNelson38 was saying that Cobb will get the snaps out of the backfield. I think what he was saying, and I could be wrong, is that Cobb will get more short routes due to the lack of a running game.
  11. The Pats D is dead last in just about every category, so, yeah, they are that bad.
  12. But until we see how this plays out tonight, there won't be any actual news. haha
  13. Not sure last week really counts as Williams got hurt after 4 carries.
  14. Ugh, McCarthy and that damn FB dive play, don't remind me. I still have nightmares about that damn play. I always imagined that scenario unfolded something like this on the sidelines: OC: Mike, we've got 1st and goal from the 1, let's let Lacy get a couple shots at punching the ball in. MM: Come'on, you know what play we run here. OC: Yes Mike, I know, but we've run that play some many times everyone knows we are going to run that play. MM: So. It works! OC: Eventually it won't. MM: Oh yeah, you wanna bet? OC: Not really, I just want to score.
  15. Again, agreed, but who will that be? check your crystal ball, read your tea leaves and get back to me! Ugh, Rip is such a plodder. lol
  16. I completely agree with you. The Packers throw enough when Ty is healthy, they will just throw even more now that he isn't. That is a given. What I was alluding to, was the question of how things will turn out between Williams and Jones.
  17. He had four carries, give him some credit. lol To touch on your "everyone was talking him up" point, of course his teammates and coaches were going to be talking him up after the game. That is what teammates and coaches are supposed to do. They weren't going to be like "meh, Aaron looked mediocre out there tonight, I guess that is why he was our 3rd string RB. I hope there is some good talent available on the waiver wire". No idea why the Packers were having Jones run with the 1s. None of us know the answer to that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sure who the better R
  18. If Ty misses extended time, no one knows how this will turn out. Jones could run away with the job. As others have pointed out, it has happened before. But both rookies has all training camp to impress and show the coaches what they are capable of. Williams obviously showed more than Jones.
  19. But here is my issue with the depth chart argument. And this is specific to the Packers. I don't care how the Bears or any other team handled a similar situation. When Ty went down, who came into the game to replace him? Williams right? Who was listed on the depth chart as the No. 2 RB. Again, Williams. It wasn't until Williams went down with his knee injury that they turned to Jones. Now granted, Williams got hurt early so who knows how the rest of the game would have gone with carries between the two. But, what we do know, is that McCarthy turned to Williams first over Jones. To me,
  20. Here are the highlights. I guess we see things very differently when it comes to Jones. Calling his TD " a thing of beauty" might be a bit of a stretch. He make a nice cut to hit the hole and dive into the endzone. I would hope any NFL RB would have been able to score on that play.
  21. Ok, if depth charts are meaningless, why even have them? Isn't the purpose of a depth chart to let the team know who the direct replacement is if the starter goes down? Why would a depth chart all of a sudden become meaningless when a starter gets injured? That doesn't make sense. Williams was not a "complimentary" back to Ty. If he was, he would have been getting more playing time.
  22. Yes, i did watch the game. After the game I even watched all of Jones's carries again. He didn't do anything to impress me. Ok, so, by your own admission, Williams does all the little things better. Which, to me means, he is the better football player at this time and that is why he was listed as number 2 on the depth chart. Right? How does Williams suck? You just said he does all the little things better?
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