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  1. If Jones was so good, why was he 3rd behind Williams. He had all training camp to beat out Williams for the No. 2 spot but he didn't. He comes into a game where the Packers were dominating and had a couple of nice runs. He didn't seem to turn any heads or flash any brilliance IMO. And of course Rodgers is going to "talk him up". How crappy of a teammate would you have to be do be like "Yeah, this Aaron kid is just another 3rd stringer who won't do anything to keep the job once the guys in front of him heal up".
  2. I'm rolling with Doug ROS. He looked good in preseason, Winston is excited to have him back, and they play the Pats. I've made worse decisions before........
  3. Gado is now a resident in the Saint Louis University Hospital Otolaryngology program. /Thread over
  4. Mike "I love to throw on the GL or hand it off to my FB" McCarthy would like a word with you..........
  5. Also, here's a transcript from a local Packers talk show where Monty talks about his injury. Take what you want from it. Q: You reportedly sustained broken ribs during Thursday's victory over the Bears, but later reports stated the injury wasn't as serious and you're preparing to play against the Cowboys on Sunday. What can you say about the injury? How are you feeling? And will we see you on the field against Dallas? Montgomery: I'm going to do my best to try to be out there. But of course, I have to be wary of risking something more serious. I don't want to puncture
  6. It can't hurt to add him. I would listen to McCarthy and what he has to say and not what Monty has to say as to whether or not he plays. The last I have heard from McCarthy on this injury was last week Friday when he stated that "Monty ha a minor rib injury and will approach the game against Dallas is if he were playing". Hearing today from Monty that he has multiple broken ribs, to me, upgrades this from a minor to a major rib injury.
  7. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, Cunningham got a lot of work in the first half of last week's game, much to my surprise. When the Bears went no huddle, it was Cunningham who was in there and not Cohen.
  8. And let's be real here, the Packers can win with any RB they put in. Everyone knows that running the ball isn't the strength of this team anyways.
  9. Well, he can plan to play all he wants but ultimately it isn't his decision. haha Team doctors and coaches would be wise to let him heal up.
  10. I have never broken a rib, so I have no idea how painful it is. But from what I hear, it is quite painful. I can't imagine a RB playing with multiple broken ribs. Even if he wears a flak jacket or something to protect his ribs. The Packers need to sit Monty until he is healed so they have him for the rest of the year and this doesn't turn into a season long injury due to constantly aggravating those broken ribs.
  11. I'm not saying they are equivalent, that would be absurd. But, if the Bears secondary gets confused and loses track of Jordy Nelson, who is to say they won't get confused and lost track of a lesser talent? That's all I'm trying to say.
  12. What? Was there something I said that confused you? Not being a d*ck, just genuinely curious. Because I'm confused by your comment. lol
  13. Well, this is the Bears defense that lost track of Jordy Nelson multiple times. One time for a wide open TD. Not sure they will be able to cover Diggs and Thielen. But, with a bad as Glennon has been, might as well start Trubisky since the season is lost anyways.
  14. He didn't play because John Fox is a complete idiot of a HC. Cohen is their most explosive player. Benny Cunningham is not. Get the ball into Cohen's hands and good things tend to happen. Every team in the league probably knows that Glennon is a terrible QB and the Bears are built to run. So, they are going to stack the box and try to make Glennon beat them. Fine, that is a great defensive game plan. So, what do you do if you are the Bears? Get the ball to Cohen "in space". Let him do what he does and make defenders look stupid. Run some screens, have Howard and Cohen in the backfiel
  15. The Packers didn't key in on Cohen last week. Cohen barely played any snaps.
  16. Who the **** throws the ball on 4th and 3, when you are up by 21 points with like 4:30 minutes left in the game? who does that? Also, why was Wilson even in the game at that point? The Colts offense was so inept, there was no reason to have him in there. I lost because of that effin' TD throw. Eff you Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevel. I hate both of you.
  17. Looking at the stats from last year, Howard had carries of 23, 16, 15, and 7 in the games leading up to the MIN MNF game. Can't say that i completely disagree with you about the timeshare.
  18. If Fox hates rookies so much, why did Howard get so much playing time last year?
  19. RBBC between Cohen and Cunningham or between Howard, Cohen and Cunningham? I don't think Cunningham was ever a threat to Howard. I'm just trying to understand your point a bit better. Also, how many more off-topic sh*t posts the mods will allow before this thread gets locked?
  20. I'll admit that I might be a bit biased on Cohen as I had him in at the flex position so obviously I wanted him to touch the ball 50+ times last night. But really, when Cohen did touch the ball last night, he again looked good. I just don't understand the game plan from Fox last night.
  21. Watching the game, I didn't notice Cohen slip or fall on any of his runs. I don't think the field conditions played a role in his non-usage last night. I just think Fox is an idiot. lol
  22. How did he "not see enough" of that hit to determine it wasn't intentional and spearing? Unreal. In the video Lord_Varys posted above, pause it at 20 seconds, you can see where Hussey is standing that he has an unimpeded view of the play. His reasoning is bullsh*t.
  23. That's the crazy thing, Cohen should be gameflow immune. How NFL coaches can know so much about football, yet at times, make it seem like they know nothing is mind boggling.
  24. Count me in on the "passing on Jordy" camp. It was a coin flip for me between him and Evans. I chose Evans. Not looking good so far but we shall see. I still don't understand how you leave Jordy wide open in the end zone. Unreal.
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