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  1. I'll quote myself and say that I was a bit off. I'm glad Howard was able to salvage his night with a TD but dang, the Bears offense looked completely inept last night and the Packers D sold out to stop the run. LIke any team facing the Bears should do I guess.
  2. Well, that sure was ugly. Yikes. Why Fox chose to use Cunningham over Cohen was infuriating. Both from a fantasy perspective (obviously) but also from a football perspective. Oh well, I guess Cohen finds my bench for a while. I just hope it doesn't cost me the win again this week.
  3. Well, this year you have House as LCB. He is an upgrade over Rollins. Rollins is absolutely awful. At RCB you have Randall with King backing him up. While I fully expect King to eventually take over the starting job from Randall at some point this year, at least Randall is healthy this year. So, while their CBs still aren't the best in the league, they are in better shape than last year.
  4. lol right! From what I've been reading on his injury though, it really is a matter of pain management and pain tolerance. So, I'm sure he will receive a healthy dose of pain meds and then just try to gut it out. It isn't like the Packers defense are full of hard hitters though so I'm sure he'll be fine!
  5. You are correct. However, he did return after each, and even scored the winning TD. I'm sure he will continue to manage the injury with pain meds. He isn't listed on the injury report so I'm not worried about his shoulder affecting his performance.
  6. I don't believe they were able to do a review because they blew the whistle on the play. I could be wrong however.
  7. Yes, and that makes sense because their CBs were so pitiful last year, anyone and everyone could throw against them! haha
  8. Well, I hope I'm right but anything can happen. As a Packers fan though, the achilles heal of the team year after year is the defense. I wouldn't sit any RB against the Packers. Especially not a RB who will get fed. I'm sure the Bears know they can't go TD for TD with the Packers offense. They need to play smash mouth, ball control football to keep the Packers offense off the field. I expect lots of touches for Howard and even Cohen tonight.
  9. Howard will get 100+ and a TD tonight against the Packers. Look what he did to Pitt last week. Pitt and GB's rushing defenses are currently ranked 21 and 22 in the league. I expect a big night from Howard. Even if Daniels plays, the Packers D just isn't that good.
  10. I agree with you and I can't imagine starting both. But I hate having Cohen on my bench because the kid is so dynamic. He's a player that can take it to the house on any given touch.
  11. Going forward, for those of us who own Howard & Cohen, are people feeling comfortable enough with this duo to be starting both of them weekly? It is a lot of trust to put into the Bears offense but both backs are looking really good. In PPR Cohen is a really solid flex play and Howard, well, we know what Howard is capable of.
  12. I just watched the play he had in OT where they say he stepped out. It sucks that they called it back, because if the play stands, i win this week, but man that kid is electric and fun to watch.
  13. He did make a game winning play. However, it looked like the CB released him because maybe he thought he had help from the safety over the top. So, really, any WR in the NFL should have been able to make the exact same play Allison did.
  14. 72 of those yards came on one catch in OT. Allison is a good WR and I hope he continues to develop. But he will fade once Cobb comes back.
  15. They'll just shoot him up with some painkillers for the game and he'll be out there on Thursday night. I hope. If Daniels is back for that defensive line, Howard will have a harder time. But the Packers don't "own" anyone. lol
  16. Don't worry, this is the Packers you are talking about. That defense is not very good. He should easily put up 100+ and 1 TD against them. It basically took Mixon slipping on 3rd down late in the game yesterday for the Packers to stop him. Like others I sat him yesterday in favor of Cohen and it cost me the win. Won't be doing that again.
  17. Of course it is anecdotal, that's why I stated it was my opinion. Again, what point are you trying to make. All I'm doing is giving my opinion as to why I believe starting Tru this season is a mistake. That's what people do during a discussion. You give your opinion, I give mine, we all learn and have a good time. Cripes.
  18. I don't think that is anything new. Look at Manning and Leaf. Both high draft picks, both played right out of college, one succeeded and one didn't. If Leaf were able to sit for a year or two and mature, would he have succeeded in the NFL? Look at Rodgers. He sat for 2 or 3 years behind Favre. If he would have been thrown in from day 1, would have be as great as he is? Obviously, these are questions that can't be answered. Joey Harrington was the 3rd overall pick by the Lions in 2002. He started from day 1 and never lived up to the hype. The reason for that, IMO, is that
  19. I agree. First and foremost I would lock his team so he can't make any changes for the rest of the season. If the first two weeks were played with inactive players, it isn't fair to everyone else in the league to set his lineup in week 3 and beyond to a full roster. Also, keep his money and kick his arse out for causing you and league this much drama.
  20. But if they decide to put Tru in there without have a team around him to help him succeed, they risk turning him into another Joey Harrington. I don't think anyone in the Bears organization wants that. If I were a Bears fan, I wouldn't want them to start Tru yet. Let him sit this year, learn the system, take it all in and then start him next year. No reason to rush him out there just to appease fans.
  21. So, if Luck considered a "lottery ticket" at this point? Lots of unknown/unproven players get picked up of the WW each season in the hopes that they will produce later in the season. They are basically a bench stash as they have little value when they are picked up. Is this what Luck has become? Or is he not even considered a "lottery ticket" at this point? Along with most of you, I honestly have no idea what to do with this guy. I have no problem keeping him on my bench but at what point in the season do most of us feel comfortable dropping. I get that is completely up to the individua
  22. That's all well and good but doesn't that defeat the purpose of these forums a little bit? Aren't we all here to share information and learn from one another? When information is shared privately, that doesn't benefit the rest of us. I'd rather have to sift through too much data and information than not enough. Please don't make me have to file a "Freedom of Information Act" request to get my fantasy football news.
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