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  1. Are there stats kept or some type of metric used to determine if a QB has a better chance of long-term success if they get to sit a year or two before starting as opposed to starting week 1 of their rookie season? I would be really curious to see something like that.
  2. Fine, you got me, I didn't keep up on the Jets locker room issues over the past few seasons. I probably read a few articles years ago about how Marshall had received help for his issues and assumed he had turned things around. I then came into this thread to spew my misinformation. I will quietly slink back to my cave and refrain from commenting further.
  3. One player talking sh*t about Marshall does make Marshall a locker room cancer. But I'm not a Marshall fan or defender necessarily. I was just under the impression that he had received help for some of his problems and put that part of his life behind him. But his personality and locker room behavior really doesn't matter to me. I just want him to start producing on the field. lol
  4. Maybe you are right and I"m being a little bullish on Marshall and his situation. I'm not a Giants fan, but, aren't the Giants known for this type of poor play in stretches during the season? And then they magically turn it around and start to play better? Marshall hasn't been a locker room cancer for years now.
  5. See what scenario playing out? OBJ being hurt in the pre-season and not being himself for the first couple of games? The o-line being as good as a JV squad? The play calling being horrible? Eli being Eli? I still think there is plenty of time for him to turn his season around. New team, new scheme, learning curve, etc.
  6. I have a history of holding onto players longer than I probably should, so take this with a grain of salt, but I'm holding on Marshall. If by week 5 he is still struggling, I'm going to cut bait. But I refuse to believe that his skills have dropped off this much, this fast. I think it is more a problem with the Giants in general and they will eventually get it sorted out. Marshall will have value this year, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  7. I think I've figured out what is going on. Pagano or Irsay or both, tried to drive down Luck's ADP before the season so they could snag him on the cheap in their drafts. However, it didn't work, and Luck was still drafted earlier than they anticipated, so they lost out on him. They are now trying to cloud the waters as much as possible so Luck has to be dropped in their leagues. Once he is dropped and they can successfully pick him up, he'll be magically healed and inserted into the Colts's lineup, where he will lead their teams to the fantasy championship.
  8. Well, if you bought low on Gurley and Langford last season, it wouldn't have worked out. But that is the way it goes. Sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss.
  9. Only $1, I put a bid of $13 on him. No one else bid on him, I could have spent $1 like you. haha
  10. I completely agree with you. Obviously, if you didn't/don't believe in Howard's ability, and avoided him on draft day, you probably won't be trying to buy low on him today. But he had an ADP of late rd1/early rd2 for a reason. The reason being, a lot of people did/do believe in his ability, which means there were lots of people who would have drafted him at his ADP but missed out on him. Those are the people who should be targeting him right now. To me it really is as simple as this. Player X was drafted in Rd 1. After two weeks of the season he has, let's say, 7 pts. I beli
  11. Yeah, well I heard that Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Luck pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.
  12. Howard is the very definition of a buy low. Consensus late rd1/early rd2 draft pick that has thus far under performed and is dealing with a shoulder injury. If you believe he will start to perform as he did last year, this is the time to try to trade for him. Do people really not know how this whole "buy low / sell high" thing works?
  13. This is my thought as well. I will be rolling with Cohen over Howard until Howard is over his shoulder injury or he returns to form.
  14. Without getting all "AC Forumy", who were you able to trade Luck for? I'd like to gauge his current value.
  15. I'm with you. Big Ben's bye is week 9, I need Luck to be back and playing by then. That is why I'm still holding onto him. But, as injuries mount and we see players not playing up to their draft status, it is getting harder to hold onto Luck.
  16. Man, fantasy football players are fickle bunch. 7/79/1 last week, this week he takes a knee to the quad and gets injured and now he sucks. lmao
  17. I can see benching against Pitt but don't worry about GB. Their D should not scare anyone. Howard's injury scares me a little bit. I decided to bench him this week at the last minute and will be doing so again next week probably. If there is a problem with his shoulder, I hope they sit him and let it heal 100% before letting him play again.
  18. I changed my bid twice yesterday and I'm glad I did because I would have lost out on Cohen otherwise. I started at $23, changed it to $32 and then a couple hours later changed it to $43. I ended up winning. Next highest bid was $33.
  19. Yeah, all the hype surrounding Cohen is making me second guess myself. I just looked at our league history and last year someone bid $41 for C.J. Prosise. That guy is also the DJ owner and coincidentally, a Bears fan. So, he might be willing to put in a big bid on Cohen. Maybe I need to up my range to 40-45%.
  20. I can still hear the sounds and music in my head. I loved that game so much.
  21. I've got to stop reading this thread. I've already decided how much money I'm going to bid on him but reading all the dang hype is making me second guess myself.
  22. But isn't it super important to know how many times he can bench press 225 lbs? I mean, that translates directly to his ability to play football!
  23. What do you mean "once healthy"? Does he have an injury I don't know about? Genuinely curious because I thought he was 100%?
  24. Was Keenan ever a realistic buy low candidate? I drafted him with confidence, knowing that if he stays healthy, he will easily out produce his draft spot. He was the 14th WR taken. After Cooper, Gronk (I'm counting him as a WR because we don't use the TE position in my league) Baldwin, Hopkins, Hilton, Cooks. I would wager that Allen will out score all of those WRs this year. I would say most guys who drafted Keenan believe in his ability and situation. Which means, barring an injury, owners aren't going to be parting with him anytime soon. Even if he laid an egg this week, h
  25. Crazy thing about bidding 100% after week 1 is that everyone has the same amount of FAAB, so what if someone other person bid 100% as well. Then it comes down to waiver wire priority and you still might not get him. lol
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