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  1. I completely get where you are coming from. But there is no way to be certain that even going 51 or 52% is enough to land him. It is entirely league dependent. What if people are willing to go up to 60%? If so, your 50% isn't setting a realistic expectation either is it? I'm not trying to convince others to only bid 20 - 25%. I'm not even suggesting that if someone bids 20 - 25% that they will land Cohen. I'm giving my opinion and letting people know where I'm comfortable. Hopefully, others do the same. We can then gauge what the "optimal" range might be to land Cohen. B
  2. And that's fine with me. It is a long season and I don't feel comfortable spending 50% of my FAAB on a rookie who has played 1 game and is a COP back. You might call it "scared money", but I call it pacing myself.
  3. It seems Cohen is the big question in this thread and most of us are trying to gauge his value. I'm in a 1 pt ppr with 100 FAAB like a lot of you. I just put a bid in on Cohen for $23. I think that is enough to outbid most others while at the same time leaving me plenty of FAABs for the rest of the season. I would NOT blow 50% of my FAABs on this guy like others are suggesting. I think 20-25% is the right range.
  4. Well, you could say that about any player in their prime. But it isn't like Marshall is 38 years old and a shell of his former self. He is still in great shape and an above average receiver. I think game plan and Eli sucking were the determining factors for his horrible night. On the night Marshall only had 4 targets. That is absurd. The Giants knew that OBJ was going to be a game-time decision and had plenty of time to come up with a second game plan should he not be able to go. Marshall should have easily hit double-digit targets on the night. Instead, the Giants coordinators and Eli
  5. That's what I'm thinking as well. If Howard were to have blown out his knee in the game, then I could see using your No. 1 WW to add Cohen but I'm still not sold that this guy is worth all the hype at this time. On the flip side, as a Howard owner, I will be trying to add Cohen as a handcuff this week.
  6. Hey, you get your rational analysis out of these forums. I've been led to believe this morning that Cohen is the reincarnation of LT! Every year people freak out after week 1 and it always cracks me up. If we see Howard's snaps decrease and Hunt's increase over the next 3-4 weeks, then it is time to panic.
  7. There was definite signs of hope out of the Bears yesterday and I'll agree with you that this team might not be as bad as we think. But, are teams going to eventually be selling out to stop Howard/Cohen? Now Kevin White is out for the year, they lost Meredith already, who is going to keep defenses honest in the passing game?
  8. Even the worst offensive line has to have a best offensive lineman right?
  9. I get that the Dolphins don't want to lose out on revenue from a home game but to me that is shortsighted thinking. If the Dolphins believe they are a playoff team, you would have to believe that they wouldn't want to lose their bye later in the season.
  10. But if you are MIami and your option is either play week 1 at a neutral site or have a week 1 "bye", I'm sure they would much prefer to play at a neutral site. It would really suck to play an entire season without a bye week.
  11. Of course this would happen week 1 of the season. FML
  12. Actually, Tyler Eifert has played 1 less game than Allen. lol
  13. I guess I'm fortunate that the league I run has a bunch of honest guys in it. We used to do league voting but a few years back voted to get rid of that. There were definitely some trades where one party was the obvious beneficiary but no collusion. So, now, once both parties agree to the trade, the trade goes through. And honestly, there isn't much trading that goes on in our league anyways. There are maybe a handful of trades that happen and that is it.
  14. Well, Martin dealt with hamstring injuries for most of the 2016 season. Without that, who knows how his season would have gone. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make with Alfred Morris. While his 2013 and 2014 seasons were not as successful as his 2012 season, they certainly shouldn't be considered busts. He rushed for over 1,000 yards in each. However, his carries declined in each season, so that could have contributed to the decline in rushing yards. Again, you aren't providing any real arguments as to why you believe Howard will be a bust this year. B
  15. That's fine but you aren't making a very convincing argument. Does college pedigree really mean that much? There are plenty of players who have busted in the NFL who were stars in college and vice versa. What has changed on the Bears this year that would prevent him from putting up similar numbers to last season? He played with awful QBs last year, as he will this year. Yes, Alshon is gone this year, but he missed some game last year. ProFootballFocus ranks the Bears offensive line 5th for this upcoming season. Even if that ranking is a big generous, their offensive line is showing prom
  16. I'm genuinely curious, what is it about Howard that you don't like? Why don't you think he will have similar numbers this year?
  17. I snagged Luck in the 10th rd of my 12 team league as my QB2. I figured it was worth a late round flier to see how this situation plays itself out. I don't need him to start the season but if he can return to form at some point during the season, I'll be happy.
  18. I drafted Evans in the 1st rd of my 12-team PPR keeper league this past Saturday and when it came my turn to draft at the beginning of the 7th round (pick 75) and the Muscle Hamster was still on the board, I had to take him. I'm not a huge fan of starting a WR/RB from the same team but the value was too good to pass up IMO. Those who got him in the 100+ range are lucky.
  19. Jordy had 29 RZ targets last year compared to Adam's 20. Add in Bennett this year and another year under Ty's belt as RB, I think there will be a reduction in Adam's RZ targets this year.
  20. This. His career high is 121, which puts him right in that range.
  21. I hear you but if we look at Henne's history, it might help us a bit in projecting his future. In 2010, when Henne started 14 games for the Dolphins, Brandon Marshall had 147 targets. Obviously there is a gap of 2 games in there but that is a healthy amount of targets that Henne gave Marshall. The only other decent sample for Henne was when he started 13 games for the Jags in 2013. But they were abysmal that year so I can't count that. If Henne can turn back the clock to his 2010 season, ARob might still get a very healthy amount of targets.
  22. If I remember correctly, Henne had two passes dropped that would have been TDs. He also seemed more accurate than Bortles. Which, really isn't hard to do. If Henne gets the starting job, which he absolutely should, I would say ARob gets a slight boost.
  23. I have McCoy before Evans but they could be interchangeable really.
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