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  1. Agreed. Most every WR that played against the Packers last year looked pretty good.
  2. I was really impressed with the Bucs 1st team offense last night. In my keeper league, I'm picking 3rd overall but the consensus top 6 players will all probably be kept/gone when I'm up to pick. Which means I'm looking at Evans/Green/Nelson. Before last night I wasn't sure who I liked the most out of those players but now I'm leaning Evans. I understand it is pre-season and the Bucs WRs were going against he Jags 2nd string CBs but that offense looked balanced.
  3. Yes, but you are neglecting to mention Cook's post-season stats which are completely different from his regular season stats. 9/48 vs Giants 11/103/1 vs Cowboys 7/78/1 vs Falcons Also, Cook suffered a high-ankle sprain and who knows how long that lingered and how it affected his performance all season long. And one could argue it took all of 10 games for Cook to figure out the offense or for the Packers to figure out how to use him. I also don't think that Cook is as good of a player as Bennett is. Even though Cook was an upgrade at TE over the JAGS t
  4. Just curious, what do you see in Adams that will make him more productive this season than Jordy?
  5. I would like to disagree with you that Rodgers has never thrown to TEs. Finley is really the only decent TE he has ever played with and when Finely was in his prime, which was short, Rodgers targeted him 71 times in 2009, 93 in 2011, and 88 in 2012. Granted, those aren't Gronk like target numbers, but they are definitely up there. Finley's career year with the Packers was 55 recs, 767 yds and 8 TDs. Bennetts career year was 90 recs, 916 yds and 6 TDs. I do think that Bennett is going to eat into the amount of targets that all of the WRs get. Especially RZ targets. Last year Ad
  6. What I'm considering with Zeke is if he isn't kept this year, trying to draft him at the end of the 2nd beginning of 3rd just have him as a keeper for future fantasy seasons.
  7. I know it won't happen, but I wouldn't mind seeing him picked up by the Packers. I don't like the idea of rolling into the season with Ty at RB being backed up by 2 rookies.
  8. Good points. Can't argue against them too much. My only argument would be against TT. He is stubborn to a fault with his "draft and develop" philosophy. I don't want the Packers to turn into the Redskins when it comes to signing any and all FAs. But when you have a team this close and a couple of obvious needs, go out and sign a big name FA. And I'm not sure I agree with you that most FAs wouldn't want to come to GB. Players will go where the money is.
  9. I'll have to look that up, sounds fun. Back on topic. It is obvious the Packers need help on defense, so what can TT do at this point to improve that D? 1) Sign Connor Barwin. He could be a replacement for Peppers. Nothing flashy, but much needed depth. 2) Move Matthews to ILB permanently. Let's face it, Matthews isn't the player he used to be. When he's at OLB, he basically tries to get around the edge to get to the QB. When he doesn't, which is pretty much all the time, he runs himself right out of the play. He isn't worth the money he is being paid and I honest
  10. My friends and I complain about it all the time but to only have two SBs to show for the careers of Favre and Rodgers is a shame. Yes, I understand that as Packers fans we are spoiled and should be grateful that our team is "in it" each year. But is that the goal? I love the Minocqua area. Vacation up there every year. Can't wait to go up there this summer. Is it summer yet? haha
  11. Yup, I'm a Packers fan. But I'm slowly transitioning to becoming a Pats fan because they know what it takes to build a championship team. haha Yeah, I can see where you are coming from, especially when it comes to Randall. But I'm still salty about Rollins. I didn't like the pick.
  12. I'm not sure how to feel about the Perry signing. It is a lot of money for a player who has only produced one season. But he is 27 and maybe something finally clicked with him. Their pass rush is so pathetic that they really do have roll the dice with him and see how it plays out. TT does pay top dollar for tackles. He extended Bahktiari last year and made him a top 5 paid OL in the league. While it hurt to lose Lang he is 30, coming off back surgery and most likely on the downside of his career. They can plug someone into his guard position and be fine. Love
  13. Alright, well I broke down this morning after mulling it over for days and decided that I need to set my team up for the future and sent out the trade offer. I just hope I get one keeper out of these two guys! haha
  14. I completely agree with you and that is why I'm struggling with this because if I win out, I could potentially still make the playoffs. And I don't want to see the guy in 1st place win it all two years in a row.
  15. Right on. I've been talking with the top team in the league trying to broker a deal for two of his RBs. He wants me top WR in exchange. It could be a good deal for me as the two RBs would cost me a 13th and 7th rd pick next year and I probably wouldn't be keeping my top WR next year anyways. However, this WR could essentially make his team unbeatable and I'm not sure I want that. haha
  16. The big question I'm facing right now is at what point do you try to sell your top tier talent to plan for next year. At 2-7 I'm probably not making the playoffs.
  17. Is Crowder not the guy to target in D.C.?
  18. Well, since this thread derailed very quickly I'll try to get it back on track. I'm currently last and have been in talks with some teams about potential keepers for next year. Jay Ajayi, Derrick Henry (before his injury this weekend), Jordan Howard, and Dak Prescott are all guys on my radar. I picked up and stashed Corey Coleman three weeks ago for the sole purpose of having him for a potential keeper next year.
  19. I just can't trust Washington yet. Yes, the opportunity is there but there are too many unknowns for me. I would rather him blow up on my bench and than have him fail in my starting lineup.
  20. If he really is battling turf toe, he is a drop for me. Turf toe + no production thus far = drop.
  21. If you have time, you should go back and read through the entire thread. I just did and found it both informative and entertaining. IMO one of the best, if not, the best thread on the forums. I find Psygolf's ability to stay lucid and coherent, while still coming across as the lovable "Get off my lawn, back in my day" old man fascinating. lol
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