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  1. No comprehendo ... lol sure. I guess I understand - but basically what you’re saying is to stay away, won’t help your squad even if the talent is there. Probably worth a stream or 2-3. But will hurt you the longer you hold? Is that pretty much right?
  2. Let’s be real. Dude has no clue who Patrick Ewing is - let alone how to act when rostering Poeltle
  3. Bit of a shooting slump ... Thats all. WCJ benching has nothing to with it, imo.
  4. Could only think the possible PJ Tucker trade would help him tremendously. great stat line tonight, but I’m not watching. anyone watching tonight chime in?
  5. I’m only hoping he has a decent game and plays big minutes.
  6. Lol .. nice thought. But I think the questionable call was purely on KAT saying he needed to go through shoot around. I’m just glad this first game back isn’t against Embiid ... our boy don’t need that drama
  7. Yea interesting trade ... but I will take a healthy KAT over all of it. Vuc is super consistent - but doesn’t give the elite upside of KAT.
  8. I’ve been holding throughout as well - that hustle cannot be replaced, hopefully Saunders realizes this soon. Having KAT back should be a good thing for Vandy
  9. Like to get some more heads on this one ... sorry if it’s not exactly relevant to basketball - but the whole form format seems off to me, and at least Bugs.
  10. “Dumping”? You mean trading for PG right? it’s not a terrible idea at all if that’s what you’re saying. As long as you can find some big man stats off the WW.
  11. I think that was the right move. Just keep a close trigger on Vandy. I dropped Robert Williams for JP myself, before tipoff yesterday. i also own Vandy.
  12. Ok good. Well, not “good” ... but I’m just glad I’m not the only one. kinda annoying and unfortunate right? hopefully a mod can come In here and add some insight to the issue.
  13. Anyone else seeing a different format in the forums lately? I keep seeing a huge list of RW options on the top, no way to access any notifications etc. sorry if that’s very vague - not sure how else to explain it. Tried to post a screenshot but apparently I can’t do that either. just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? FWIW I’m using iPhone mostly - never on a PC. anyone else seeing this?
  14. For sure. Tough matchup, getting torched on defense - but that’s to be expected against Embiid. Good to see he’s still putting up a decent statistical night.
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