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  1. Is everything ok with Bux? He's out of the lineup in both games of the Twins double header.
  2. Anyone who owns him has to do themselves the favor of never watching him hit. He has one of the worst approaches at that plate ever. Don't expect anything better than prime Danny Espinosa numbers from Baez at this point. The league has figured out he swings at literally everything.
  3. Might hit another 30 HRs again if he got consistent playing time.
  4. Please just stay healthy. This is the year he breaks out if he does.
  5. This dude is a less athletic Andrew Wiggins
  6. What's his dynasty outlook looking like?
  7. I think this aged worse than the last one
  8. I've never seen a post age so horribly in 9 days
  9. Literally jumped over everybody in a week lmao
  10. Another shutout today, 7 wins in a row and only 4 games out the Wild Card. Two months left in the season. And we added Stroman.
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