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  1. Not great for his value. But long-term, I would like him to stay healthy this entire year and then maybe give it a go at 1B next season. He doesn't next play an NL opponent until facing the Padres & Dodgers May 25th to May 30th. Then... Giants & Padres July 30th to August 4th Rockies from August 10th to 11th Padres from September 3rd to 5th Diamondbacks from September 17th to 19th
  2. I sure hope he plays everyday. I was surprised to see Rocco Baldelli use Kyle Garlick to pinch hit for Kirilloff late during the first game of the Red Sox doubleheader.
  3. I imagine he'll start in a part-time role. There is a bit of a logjam between usage of Luis Arraez, Willians Astudillo & Kyle Garlick (but injuries have been a problem for the Twins). He will need to hit from the get-go to maintain an everyday role (same goes for every prospect). But if he carries the Twins offense, his bat will be in the lineup. http://twinsdaily.com/_/minnesota-twins-news/minnesota-twins-minor-leagues/kirilloff-preparing-for-big-league-opportunity-r10648 Gardenhire notes, “Right now, we’re trying to keep him ready in right field. We’re trying to keep him ready
  4. Looks like I was wrong about Tuesday but Friday is looking like just about a sure bet now, as the Twins return to Minnesota to face the Pirates. With Kepler & Garlick on the Covid list, and Sano possibly needing some rest with hamstring tightness (Twins said feel comfortable with Kirilloff at LF, RF & 1B), he'll be needed. It does sound like the Twins are most comfortable with Kirilloff at 1B (defensively), but Sano is obviously there, with Donaldson/Arraez at 3B, so it'll be interesting how it plays out. Rotowire.com: "Max Kepler was placed on the COVID-19 injured list
  5. Wow, and Abreu is at DH. That'd be awesome if he picks up 1B by mid-summer. Maybe there's a chance.
  6. That's not entirely true. He's hitting the ball hard and getting unlucky. Buy low. He helped the Padres win the game yesterday against the Dodgers, and nearly had a game winning RBI but Mookie Betts made an amazing catch on Saturday night. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/story/2021-04-13/padres-tommy-pham-hits-outs-exit-velocity-expected-statistics-ops "There are 16 players in the major leagues who have hit at least five balls in the air 368 feet or more this season. Just two have zero home runs to show for it, Colorado’s Trevor Story and the Padres’ Tommy Pha
  7. Assuming the mid-April service date has passed or might soon pass tomorrow or Tuesday, the Twins doubleheader on Tuesday looks like a possible return date for Kirilloff. I imagine they won't have all their players back from Covid protocol and they'll need to have a full lineup for both games. Just a gut feeling.
  8. True, that's one area I underestimate as I'm in a points league where steals aren't as valuable. It's a fine swap if you decide to make it.
  9. lol I'll keeping recommending Haniger. I have him though, so I'm bias. He nearly had a 30 HR-100 RBI line in 2018. He worked on his core strength during the offseason and looks fully healthy. For what it's worth, Haniger has 10 extra base hits to Laureano's 5.
  10. Maybe see what he thinks about Haniger, Votto, India for Voit, Edman, Lowe. I still like Haniger's upside. He was one of the premier outfielders in 2018. But Voit has a higher ceiling than Votto (at this point in his career) and Edman is likely to find more consistency than India. Lowe is just a throw-in. He's a bit too streaky to be a serious trade target. Edman & Voit could plug into key positions so you aren't left with Votto/India at the moment. Or more simply, Haniger & Votto for Voit & Edman.
  11. Since he'll comfortable at 1st base, maybe you should buy low on Voit.
  12. I have both Edman & Haniger. Love Edman's start so far but Haniger has far more upside, especially when Kelenic joins the lineup.
  13. Blurb from PitcherList (Nick Pollack) this morning: It’s been a rough week. Corbin, Fried, PabLo, Wheeler, Snell, Kluber, Keller, Taillon, Strasburg, and I could go on more but I imagine the heavy majority of fantasy players have been hit with shocking performances that tanked the week and Huascar Ynoa was added to the list after his rough 4.0 IP, 6 ER, 7 Hits, 1 BBs, 5 Ks against the Cubs yesterday. Ugggh. So here’s the thing – what made me excited about Ynoa was his raw stuff. He was pumping 97 mph heaters with a whiff-heavy slider and fortunately, that’s still here. In fact, he went 41
  14. No strikeouts tonight, 2 for 3, two walks, and the game winning run.
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