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  1. I'm in. Spent most of 2019 with the Astros with his ERA hovering around 3.30, until that September when he felt apart (because of an injury, if I remember correctly). Then he could never get right last year and only pitched 14 innings. He won't win your league but he's a step up from a streamer, a good bet against the Giants & Indians, like you said.
  2. Don't forget that he likely had his mind focused on playing 1B rather than his timing at the plate, etc. this spring. I remember reading that the Brewers (perhaps it was the hitting coach - can't find the article) were perfectly fine with his K rate and suggested that as long as he's hitting the ball hard and out of the park at a good rate, it's not a concern. Which was a strange thing to say considering Hiura's 85 Ks last year. At least now, Hiura knows he needs to find his swing to stay on the field. I think he will.
  3. I don't know, I imagine there's something special about being the guy who ends the game, gives his teammates the win, the ability to get off the clock and go home...the psychology of it. That's still on Iglesias if he blows a non-save situation, but if a guy feels more in sync when he's the last man up, it's not a bad move for a manager to have some patience. The Angels used 6 relievers tonight and easily could have gone with Iglesias earlier, but Maddon chose not to. (again, Iglesias complained about non-save situations in Cincinnati)
  4. Iglesias just struck out 3 (no hits, no walks) in the bottom of the 11th with a man on 2nd (new rule) for his second save of season. Looking dominant. Just only throw him out there for saves situations, Joe Maddon.
  5. I can't pour mine out yet. I spent too much on maple syrup back in March. Would be a waste to throw it all away for nothing. I thought I purchased the good stuff from up north, without any high fructose in it. Now all those pancakes are gonna taste super dry.
  6. Seems like he's been laid to rest by most on here, but here's another update.
  7. Which RP, both of which have looked good early on, would you rather take a flier? Both in bullpen committees. Clase competes with Karinchak & Wittgren while Sims competes with Garrett & Doolittle. This could be a general thread as both RPs are interesting. As for me personally, I'd likely be dropping Archie Bradley (I have Neris).
  8. He's back in the dugout, which might suggest it's precautionary. He should have started at the end of last week but they pushed back his first start to tonight. I think he may have aggravated something in spring training and they hoped to give him more time to be ready. But clearly he isn't 100%. With that said, I'd be shocked if its something he'll be out a while for. Regardless, you (and me, yay) likely drafted him thinking maybe he's fully healthy again and obviously that's not the case.
  9. My gut is that the Padres have a great night after losing their star player. They need to inspire confidence. We'll see what happens.
  10. A 3 year, 24 million dollar deal with give you some leash. He was dominant in the opener, seems to struggle in non-save situations. Maddon views him as one of the league's premier closers. He'll hit his stride soon enough.
  11. The hype for Sandoval then does remind me of Mercedes now. Back in 2007, Sandoval hit .345 over his first 40 games and then went on to hit .330 with 25 HR and 90 RBI in his sophomore year. I'd certainly take that from Mercedes. I think Sandoval started as a catcher in the minors too. Sandoval was actually much bigger. Mercedes is pretty lean in comparison lol.
  12. He has catcher eligibility in ESPN, at least. I believe that's the position he's gone through the minors as. It sounds unlikely he'll see much time at catcher with Grandal there, and Zack Collins as his backup, but there is a chance he picks up eligibility at catcher on other sites if he becomes a key part of the offense and sees enough reps.
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