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  1. Idiotic coaching decision to not score the td in my opinion. Raiders deserve to lose playing conservative. You score that TD regardless of time remaining and force Miami to score another TD to win. What a joke lmao.
  2. 12 for me, seems very unlikely with his playing time the last few weeks. Why did we do this to ourselves?
  3. Starting him was a moron play. Of course I did anyway. Deserve to lose.
  4. Honestly I wouldn't play him at this point. I don't know what happened exactly but he's definitely lost snaps and it's gonna be hard to depend on the TDs.
  5. Seems like they are pressing now to stay undefeated and prefer veterans on the field more. Which is dumb in my opinion, but I'm not an NFL coach lol.
  6. Claypool seems to have fallen back to 4th WR now. Wasn't even on the field for that drive and wasn't for the last big drive last week either.
  7. I'm depending on Wilson or Herbert in one league, and Lamar or Herbert in the other league. My playoff run is going to end quickly.
  8. I think it's just going to be a crapshot week to week. I don't think Wentz is good enough to give any of these TE or WR consistent production. Adding Ertz back to the mix does have potential to hinder Geodert's production. I wouldn't expect many performances like the past 2 games.
  9. I disagree that Zeke's lack of production is due to Dak, but the O line does make a difference on what some RBs can do. There are plenty of other teams that have terrible QBs (*cough*Vikings) that have elite rbs. Maybe Zeke is just a product of the elite Dallas line over the years.
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