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  1. I'm with the poster above. I wouldn't be opposed to it, but it would be dependent on the price. I would definitely not give up much for him.
  2. I think I would hold. There's a good chance somebody out there would sell the farm for Jokic and while Tatum is a veryyyyyy nice asset, I don't think Siakim bridges the gap enough. I would hold.
  3. That's what I thought. I have Murray and Carter and was just making sure I was doing the right thing by holding. Thank you!
  4. Team A gets: Donovan Mitchell and Wendall Carter Jr. Team B gets: Jamal Murray, Steven Adams, DeMarcus Cousins. 14-team league which also counts FT% (Adams, yuck) and offensive and defensive rebounds (Adams, yay) along with FG% (Cousins, yuck). Which side do you like?
  5. Duke, if David Johnson is out. And perhaps Moss. Sanders returning should make Scott of no use amd Seahawks seem messy at RB. Ballage was put back on the practice squad, as of now. Keep an eye out.
  6. Reed as well. Gio and even Bell too valuable in a 16 team league.
  7. Wish I knew how injured CMC is, because Davis could be worth it. But as of right now I say no to all of them.
  8. Take it and run. Newton is trash, Godwin has lots of competition and Lamb has QB issues.
  9. I’d actually like the Swift side if the Lions would stop with the silliness, but I doubt they will. So Godwin/Cooks, though the Bucs WR situation is going to be volatile every week.
  10. Was offered my Chase Edmonds for his Brandon Cooks. Should I pull the trigger? QB - Kyler Murray and Josh Allen. WR - Calvin Ridley, Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, Jamieson Crowder RB - James Conner, James Robinson, David Montomery, Joe Mixon, Austin Eckler, Chase Edmonds, Leveon Bell TE - Dallas Goedert
  11. I'm with the idea of packaging Galladay along with a RB. Sadly, both CEH and Taylor have had their names drug through the mud, so a lot of opposing managers aren't going to give up a lot for them and I think they both still have a decent amount of value moving forward, despite their warts. And while I'm not advocating it, I wouldn't be opposed to listening on Gibson as Washington's QB situation looks like it's going to be Smith moving forward and he LOVES pass catching RB's like McKissic and boxes are likely to be stacked. Again, not saying get rid of him, but I'd definitely have open ea
  12. Lol, why would I lie about that? lol It's just a $20 dollar Yahoo league and I've had the luxury of some terrible luck and lost three weeks by just a few points on some crazy stuff (Drake's massive game with the last second 60+ yard TD, DAdams huge game, Aiyuk's last second TD)
  13. I'm not sure if the other team would do it (though perhaps start a tad lower on the budget so you can come up more when they seek it, so they feel like they're getting something). But if you can nab that for that offer, I'd do it for sure.
  14. Literally offered him to every team in the league - and it's a pay league. There are guys starting Dalton and Minshew. Best offer I got for Allen was Darrnel Mooney. And best I got for Kyler was Damian Harris.
  15. You never really do know what to do when it comes to the Rams, but I probably like Akers a bit more than Brown, between the two of them. But it is marginal. Scott probably has the most value of the bunch in regards to ceiling, given Miles' tendency to get injured, but he's probably the least valuable of the bunch when Sanders is healthy. I think I probably hold on what you have, as all three need an injury to really see anything impactful and the Rams can be a bit of a circus when it comes to predicting who is going to do what.
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