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  1. I’d really like to know where ATL plans on having him in the batting order. Early last season he was in the 2 hole and later in the year he was hitting 5th. Feel like he’s more valuable in the 2 spot than at 5. Thoughts?
  2. Would you rank him higher than a guy like Sutton in '21? Seems like Higgins in his 1st year had just as good a year as Sutton did in his 2nd.
  3. This kid can play when healthy. If he's a go, he should show up in the stat sheet.
  4. He's alive!! Put up a decent day w/Allen at QB He's gonna be a good pro w/Joe B at QB.. Where we ranking him in 2021?
  5. Perfect world, I'd like to keep the WR with more upside .. Not sure who that is lol
  6. So the deadline is looming for trades and I got to make a choice this offseason regarding keepers. My WRs are Diggs Lamb D.Johnson Higgin and Sutton. I can only keep 4. Was offered a rookie pick for Higgins which would fall in the top 4. Could be 1 or could be the 4th pick depending on random drawing. Do I hold Higgins or trade him for the pick and keep Sutton? .5 PPR.. Love what I see out of Higgins but I always like to add more assets when I can. Tough call for me. What do you guys think? Appreciate the advice
  7. Indy will sign him on a 1 yr and destroy JT value for 2021 lol
  8. If he is looking for a 2nd opinion.. I'm assuming it's not good.
  9. I like him in this offense as well and Once Herbert took over, it looked like Austin was ready to have a monster season. The BIG question is, will Lynn keep his job?
  10. Was very impressive. This kid is the spark this offense needs. Gus was good as well but I would just feed this kid the rock..
  11. What is the overall issue with this kid? Staff doesn't trust him? Has he been that bad as far as when he touches the ball? What are the beat writers saying out in Balt?
  12. Am I crazy?? Could swear I saw him running across the field a few plays after he came off with the injury
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