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  1. He's playing against BAL. No worries.
  2. Also depends if your playoffs are until the end of the regular season or the season before. I think Stanton will be back in about 1.5 weeks but I don't expect wonders. He'll need to find his rhythm so maybe he'll be useful in the final week. Then also, who's in your OF/UTIL? Who will Stanton replace? You're not giving enough information for us to truly give you the best possible answer IMO.
  3. Anytime you can get Trout in a dynasty you click accept.
  4. It's probably somewhere in the middle (between 2018 .29 BA and 2019 .23 BA), or a BA around .260. That's not a killer. There's no power, but I do think he's not a killer in other cats. I like him for the stretch run.
  5. I don't think he's terrible in 4/5 cats, and he can be compared to Bill H. Last year he was a hitting machine with ton of SBs. Remember he was injured (twice?) this year. He won't help you in RBIs and HRs, but won't hurt you in other cats and obviously is a SB beast.
  6. Look at the line-up playing for the last week. I would say Judge, Didi, LeMahieu should be regulars. The other 6 not so much. And Judge is really not hitting very well. There's some magic going on here (similar to last year's Boston team).
  7. I'm staying clear of him next year. He'll probably be a second rounder. Good luck to future owners!
  8. Uhm, no. Maybe, MAYBE HARPER. But still No.
  9. His Thor/Springer for my C Seager/Snell. Not a keeper league, point based. Don't worry about positions. Which side do you think will have a better ROS. WHIR
  10. He's not healthy. MRI coming up soon. Mark my words.
  11. If he's available, pick him up. You can thank me later this season while holding the champ trophy
  12. Hopefully he's back. Dude potentially could be a 4cat stud.
  13. I'm glad the Yanks aren't rushing him.
  14. No context here (your players, league settings, keepers, etc).
  15. Don't rush back, Stanton. We need you!
  16. 1. Hicks 2. Judge 3. Stanton 4. Voit 5. Didi 6. Sanchez 7. Andujar 8. Torres 9. Frazier Bench: Gardner, LeMahieu, Urshela, Romine What a line-up.
  17. I feel Mondesi might end up ranked higher than Altuve next year. I won't be surprised he'll have a .280/20/50 line at the end of the year (similar to Trea Turner)? Having said that, there's nothing wrong with slotting Altuve in 2nd although he's in a terrible slump (hopefully he's not hiding an injury).
  18. Top 3 player for what again? Why are you even posting this?
  19. And you say? (okay, it's only one game, I'll give you that one)
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