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  1. All depends. Are you in contention? Keepers? But either way, in such a deep league it's a no-brainer
  2. With all the negativity here I wonder how he hit 2 HRs the other day. Luck?
  3. Didn't Freeman have the same injury? Assuming he will be back next week he was out for 6 weeks (expecting 8). Either way, I don't think he'll be back before the end of August at the earliest. Wow.
  4. Looking at 100 R, 200 H, 15 HR, 60RBI, 25 SB, .300AVG for the season. Can't call him a 5 cat star with the low HRs and RBIs, but his current ADP 78 sounds about right.
  5. George Springer (hand) hopes to be in the lineup Friday against the Mariners. Advice: Springer lobbied to stay in Thursday's game after taking a pitch off his left hand but was overruled by manager A.J. Hinch. His X-rays came back negative and the Astros are hoping he'll be available for Friday night's series opener. The Astros appear to have dodged a major bullet here.
  6. Be smart. I expect him back at the end of July, and he'll help you during the playoffs. In a shallow league, drop. If you can hold, do so.
  7. As a Yankee fan, I don't have rivalries in fantasy. Last year I owned Ortiz in a number of leagues. This year I invested in Benintendi. I don't care, as long as I win. On a side note, the AL East will be fun the next few years. Both Boston and NY have some exciting talent.
  8. Plenty of streaky players around. Harper is another great example.
  9. Springer and Just Dong are on fire...
  10. The Denver Post’s Rockies reporter Patrick Saunders answered questions from readers about the Colorado Rockies on Thursday. Here are some of the highlights: Hey Patrick, what’s the latest update on David Dahl? And where do you think he fits when he’s ready to return? Patrick: I’m hesitant to tag a date to the return of David Dahl, because I’ve been wrong every time I have done so. His next step is to play rehab games at Triple-A, but we’ve been waiting for that for two weeks. I think he will get that done in the next week or so. But I also think he will stay i
  11. My fantasy roster has been decimated. Please let it be a few days.
  12. LAD, please put him on the DL for some discomfort and have him work on his mechanics.
  13. $18M for one year is not that bad. At least TOR is done with him after this season. I see him turning it around a bit, but a .250/25HR isn't cutting it.
  14. One silver lining is a reduction on his workload. He has thrown an awful lot of pitches last few years. If you can weather the storm you might reap the benefits come playoff time.
  15. 0-3 so far with 2Ks. Dude needs to relax.
  16. http://www.denverpost.com/2017/03/26/david-dahl-injury-update-colorado-rockies/ Count on him in May. But if all goes well, you'll have an absolute stud on your team.
  17. Did you guys see that bomb during the WBC?
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