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  1. Have both Yelich and Marte to activate. I have Conforto, so I can swap him with one of them but need to drop another player as well. Team is in signature (10 team redraft Ottoneu points); I think my best drop candidates are: Canha, Correa, Suarez, or Justin Turner. Right now, leaning Suarez even though he's shown some signs of life recently...

    Leave a link and WHIR. Thanks!

  2. Ugh, this guy has been brutal. I panicked and took him at the end of round 3 because pitchers were being drafted quicker than I expected. His season BABIP sits at .380 and last night was .529 in Coors. Still, his K/9 and swinging strike % are way down.

    I'll keep rolling with him for another month since he historically gets better into the summer. Still, I had him in 2018, so I'm already salty and skeptical. Hoping for better days ahead...

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  3. Who's available on your WW/FA? Personally, I'd hold on to him for the time being with a bench spot. In a shallow 8 team league, after another couple weeks of underachieving, I don't think there's anything wrong dropping him for hotter hitters.


    Thanks for your help with mine!

  4. 6 hours ago, Thenewwildone8 said:

    Kluber/C-Mart for Acuna/Albies/Moncada. Start there.


    41 minutes ago, svdude said:

    If you can get Albies, Acuna, or Judge for him, jump at that.  



    I like both of these as starting points. Those keeper prices are very reasonable for the next few seasons.




  5. I know Buxton has the potential, but I'd drop him for pretty much anyone right now. He looks completely lost, and I doubt anyone would pick him up unless you're in a keeper/very competitive league. I dropped him in a cutthroat redraft league, and I don't foresee anyone snagging him.




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