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  1. Does anyone know how to contact Yahoo to suggest them adding position eligibility or adding a INJ tag to a player? Their inconsistency is driving me nuts. Some players are getting the INJ tag right away, others won't get it at all although the news instantly say the player is going to miss at least 3 games and when the injury lingers then having a dead weight on your roster with O tag for weeks can be so frustrating.
  2. I think it's 12hours to go but nothing will happen in the next 7-8hours.
  3. Good efficient player to own in deep leagues but won't stay healthy unfortunately.
  4. Don't understand the talk about him staying off the court for full season. They have taken it very slow with the rehabilitation so unless he has had a setback he should be ready to go full speed. His injury was never as bad as Embiid's - normal recovery time for that sort of injuries is about 2/3 of the time Simmons has taken to recover. No, I am not saying he is going to play 40+ mins or average 20,5-15,2-10,7 (hello, @swaggyp) but I don't see a reason for Philly to be extremely cautiuos with him. My guts says he'll play 20mpg for 1-2 weeks and in March he should be without any se
  5. Had "a final scan" on his foot on Monday, so any news on that? All I could find was: On Monday, Sixers general manager Bryan Colangelo told CSNPhilly that Ben Simmons' repaired right foot had been scanned one last time, clearing his path to finally play. Colangelo did not provide a timetable for that, saying only that it would be "soon enough."
  6. Blimey. He gives you excellent production off the bench and yet someone complaines about JJ not being a starter. I am more than happy with the status quo.
  7. Hmm.. not entirely true. Did Brogdon start 5 games before getting PG, did Richaun Holmes and Jarrell Martin start 5 games before getting C or did Embiid play 5 games at PF before getting PF (assume he only had C before Dec 20) etc etc... But agree that Harrell's eligibility should be updated.
  8. And once again, played C when Willie Reed was out of the game.
  9. Good line tonight: 20 pts, 7 rebs, 4 triples, 3 ast, 1stl, 1blk. AND was defending Drummond. C-eligibility would be nice for sure.
  10. Yahoo seems to be more conservative this season with position eligibilities. Last couple of seasons they have given players that only saw couple of minutes of action at certain position that eligibility but this season it happens less and less... Johnson, J. Green (Griz), J. Anderson (Mavs) are just couple of axamples I have noticed that have played other positions but Yahoo is not reacting..
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