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  1. He had a real crappy schedule and of all those starts figured the @ Sea would be the one to be able to use him in. Good call on the posters that sent him back to wire a few pages back. Definitely not worth rostering at this point.
  2. He's got the Mariners in Seattle next so I'm definitely holding on for now but he'll be a pretty quick drop if I had I need to cut someone loose.
  3. I'm not too jazzed about that upcoming schedule (or tonight's matchup) but Colon was able to shut down the Yanks pretty good last night so I'm optimistic that he'll have a good start and am rolling him out there and hoping for the best!
  4. Judging by the some of the posts I've seen he's the next Verlander and Strasburg rolled into one, a future Hall of Famer & Cy Young winner.
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