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  1. Need my Mike Boone to outscore his Aaron Jones by 40. It’s going to be a Christmas Miracle!
  2. Assuming Cook and Mattison sit, I need 3 of these in standard: D Parker v CIN M Boone v GB A Thielen v GB A Peterson v NYG A Miller v KC Thanks!
  3. In Yahoo! finals with 5 draft picks: CMC (Rd 1, 3rd overall) Thielen (3, 27) Jacobs (4, 46) *dropped this week Dak (11, 123) NE Def (14, 166) And 52 moves later here we are ...
  4. I like White here, think NE will rely on the short game vs Buf
  5. QB: Winston RB1: Mccaffrey RB2: Boone WR1: Julio WR2: Lockett Flex: Perriman
  6. Boyd and Perriman ... but Boone and Perriman if Mattison and Cook are out. help out?
  7. QB: Jameis Winston Leery about him having so many weapons out, but all he does is throw and Tannehill’s matchup scares me a little RB: Ezekiel Elliott; Adrian Peterson WR: DJ Moore; Breshad Perriman TE: Higbee FLEX: AJ Brown
  8. I need ceilings for the championship. My opponent has Winston, Kittle, Zeke, Derrick Henry and Aaron Jones. Lots of potential points there. Quick hits I need help with (standard scoring): 1) Dak (@PHI) or Tannehill (v NO) 2) New England D (v BUF) or KC D (@CHI) 3) Need 2 WR: -D Parker v CIN -Thielen v GB -McLaurin v NYG -A Miller v KC 4) Need 3 FLEX -Boone v GB -A Peterson v NYG -J White v BUF - and whichever 2 WR are left out above
  9. He looks just like the guy that’s gonna cost me my fantasy championship
  10. Is this to say Cowboys will be throwing a lot? If so, good for me I suppose since my opponent has Zeke and I have Dak.
  11. Shoulder dinged up. Finger too. Doesn’t look like any need to be worried.
  12. New England (v Buffalo) or KC (@CHI)? I’m strongly leaning NE (duh) but do I get rid of KC for a hot WW add like Boone? My opponent has New Orleans (@TEN) and I’m sure would pick up KC if I dropped them.
  13. I have NE (v BUF) and KC (@CHI) defenses, still debating who to start. But I want to pick up Boone if only to block my opponent. Seems like a no brainer right? Opinions?
  14. Are the Colts that bad?!?! Are the Saints that good?!? Indy literally cannot cover ANYONE on the Saints.
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