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  1. It’s a saves+holds league and also k/9 so other relief pitchers are valuable.
  2. The other option is if I do trade Soler for Syndergaard, then I can put Syndergaard on the IL and grab Kelenic without dropping anyone else.
  3. My bullpen is Hader, Hicks, Reyes and Alvarado. My SP: Castillo, Buehler, Snell, Berrios, Taillon, Stoman, Ohtani and Urias Bench players: Solak, Mountcastle, Soler and Shaw.
  4. Jarred Kelenic is available and I am wondering if I should drop Mountcastle or Soler who have both been struggling in order to get Kelenic? This is a roto salary cap keeper league.
  5. Another owner is asking for Soler since he needs OF help. Soler is off to a very slow start this year and I can afford to part with him right now. I am leading in most batting stats but my pitching stats are low. I am looking to get a pitcher back in the deal. I was thinking of asking for Syndergaard or Trevor Rogers? What should I do?
  6. I was thinking of offering Soler for Bryant since I need another 3B.
  7. Another owner is trying to get Soler from me and offered Carlos Santana for Soler. I don't really need Santana and would rather have Soler. I really need help at 2B, 3B and SP. I was thinking of countering with this trade: Soler and Dalbec for Syndergaard and Willi Castro. I know Syndergaard doesn't help me know but he could down the stretch and I could put him on the IL and grab someone else. Is this a fair offer?
  8. Dalbec who had a hot spring training and going against Baltimore's pitching.
  9. Ohtani or Stroman this week at SP or Ohtani vs Soler at the UTL position? I was thinking of starting him at UTL but I am not sure how many games he will play at DH plus with the blister issues I am not sure he will pitch deep into his first start.
  10. I am kind of leaning towards Bo, Castillo and Robert. Gallen intrigues me but I am concerned about the team and some regression.
  11. Before our draft we need to declare our 3 keepers. Right now we get to select 3 keepers and 1 alternate in case of an injury prior to the draft. On draft day we have to submit our 3 keepers. Right now I have the following keepers. What 3 players should I keep? Zac Gallen $1.50 Luis Castillo $2.50 Luis Robert $3.00 Bo Bichette $2.25
  12. I am in a 10 team ROTO keeper league. Our salary cap is $60 for our starters. We can keep 3 players and 1 alternate incase of an injury prior to the draft. Right now I have the following players that I am considering keeping. Out of this list which 4 players should I keep? Bo Bichette $2.25 Carlos Correa $3.25 Ketel Marte $2.50 Luis Roberts $3 Jose Abreu $4.25 Nolan Arenado $14 Byron Buxton $.50 Walker Buehler $7.25 Luis Castillo $2.50 Zac Gallen $1.50
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