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  1. Most impressive Bellinger stat: Leads the majors in Home Runs against Lefties with 15. .306 Avg/.415 OB% and .653 Slugging% against lefties.
  2. If its me with a #1 pick in a redraft, I'm still taking Trout just because he's such a proven commodity. I think Acuna goes 2, Yelich 3, Bellinger 4. Yelich's back issues may scare some people enough that he might drop behind Bellinger.
  3. Im glad I checked this thread today. I was seriously considering benching him tonight.
  4. Zac Gallen is firmly on my bench tonight. Im still cheering him on though
  5. I picked this dude up as an injury replacement about a month ago and hes hit .339 with a .968 OPS. Does anyone know if he made any kind of swing change? I havent been able to find anything other than reports that he showed up in spring in great shape.
  6. He actually has a great arm (70 tool) , he does lack in receiving skills but that can be taught.
  7. This has been discussed ad nauseam in this thread (and elsewhere) and is a huge factor in his numbers. That being said I dont blame you for not reading an entire 45 page thread
  8. He could very easily be NL MVP after winning the ROY last year. Only 4 players have managed that feat (Kris Bryant, Ryan Howard, Dustin Pedroia and Cal Ripken Jr.) Its worth noting that both Fred Lynn and Ichiro Suzuki won both the ROY and the MVP in the SAME season.
  9. Like someone above mentioned, I suspect he was kept at 85 pitches last night because he hadnt pitched in 9 days. The 4 starts before that in Miami were 105, 95, 95 & 92
  10. Catching the day game today after a night game. I nearly fell out of my chair.
  11. Probably. I watched the game and the most concerning thing to me was there was a dip in velocity of about 2 MPH but he also left WAY too many pitches in the middle of the zone.
  12. I dont think Cruz's 4 years in Seattle would be considered under-performing. He hit 163 Home Runs, 414 RBI and an OPS around .900 Dude is just a good hitter.
  13. This ball was hit as far to CF as Ive even seen a ball hit at Great American Ballpark. Absolutely blistered.
  14. Also McNeil looks suspiciously like some kind of squirrel man, Reynolds does not.
  15. They had spots for him but insisted on playing washed up veterans that they paid way too much money for (See Tood Frazier and Robinson Cano). I agree hes not a great fielder but hes leaps and bounds better than Dom Smith was out there.
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