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  1. Innings cap, he will be closely watched all season
  2. Hes got a good shot at "Fantasy Turd of the Month" for April.
  3. Vlad Jr. as an 18yr old at A ball : .323/13HR/.910 OPS Franco as an 18yr old at A Ball: .327/9Hr/.885 OPS Pretty damn close
  4. I remember a few years back there was the Acuna vs Vlad debate. I said at the time that, as far as fantasy goes, its harder for a player to be the top player in fantasy without stealing bases and that the edge went to Acuna. I argued that Vlad would have to be Albert Pujols in his prime to accomplish that and ,while that was certainly possible, it was unlikely. Its looking more likely.
  5. I assume theyre referring to innings issues relating to counting stat/ wins.
  6. I'm still holding. The PT is still there (Although that may be a product of the Bellinger injury) so hopefully he gets it going.
  7. Oh Im way past rage. Id call my mood "Humorous Disillusionment"
  8. I'll believe it when I see it. Maybe the front office had a word with Tony.
  9. I dont think they got it that wrong. The expectation was for him to play DH and OF but that he would PLAY. LaRussa hasnt given him a real shot. Ultimately thats the managers call but it doesnt make a lot of sense.
  10. 1400 innings would be 8 Starters getting 175 Innings each. I think youre Starting Pitcher heavy, theres where you can afford to drop.
  11. Thats a lot of Starters. Does your league have a Start Limit? If so youll need to get rid of a pitcher(s) anyway. Maybe Odorizzi?
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