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  1. Didn’t see this posted anyone watching this game? I see no tyron targets and hella worried
  2. It's a mess...I was looking forward to starting tyron in his place but now I am staying away unless we here something before 1 pm
  3. Can't say I'm a chargers fan but latest reports now indicating Allen has shot to play..... hopefully we get more news before 1 PM
  4. This Allen drama.... since it’s a 4 pm game... I’m thinking I should start a 1 pm WR instead of waiting... I do have tyron but what if Allen plays limited... I may be screwed my best options are crowder or Hansen. im going against Watson too and although I like crowder better.... I do like the idea of starting Hansen , akin (over Kmet and hurst)and even the hou kicker to hedge.... thoughts?
  5. Ugh... Allen may play now... this is looking to risky
  6. Anyone firing this guy up with news Allen will be out? I’m highly considering
  7. Id have to Davis and hope he catches a bunch of balls help?
  8. I have gio and starting him after I lost RoJo on paper... looks like a great matchup for him... Boyd out.... hou horrible run Def and lost a LB help?
  9. Tough one with covid situation id lean bears now help?
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