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  1. i am in the same situation of ekeler or sanders. Ive got a bad track record of choosing between the two!
  2. So I started Sanders when Ekeler blew up and then I started Ekeler when Sanders had his career high. So even though I won both weeks I'm fully tilted and have no confidence in my choice. Who the heck do I start?!
  3. Lutz, Thomas, Brees all on the board. We gotta game.
  4. I need Lutz to do decent and Thomas+Brees not to score 50+. That's all. Not asking for much. 78% favorite.
  5. Don't be this guy (who is probably RIP). Stay in your lane. You have Mahomes. You start Mahomes.
  6. Thanks to overtime, Sanders got me enough points to win the week LOL
  7. Wow I actually started Miles for the first time. What a disaster. Will be the last time I think. Good thing I'm already in the playoffs. If I made this choice on the line I don't think I'd ever live it down.
  8. Great news. Rotoworld read my question and answered it for me. Here is the blurb: EXPERT NOTE Immediately slotted in at the WR2 spot for the rest of the season for the Patriots, Sanu absolutely has value this week. Brady will look to get him a touchdown in his first Patriots game, adding onto the number of people Brady has thrown a touchdown to. Zach Brunner - FantasyPros - 28 minutes ago
  9. Anyone rolling the dice first week with Sanu?
  10. With the addition of Sanu this season is over. NE will take the championship without even breaking a sweat. I think most would agree.
  11. Not if you count the Brain as part of the skill. Then AB falls down the ranks hard.
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