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  1. Yeah, the same manager who has a descending losing record who won't make a trade to save his season.
  2. I hope I don't have to make a decision whether to draft him or not. His low usage in the passing game has been a negative deterrent for me. But at the same time bell-cow RBs staring you in the face don't grow on trees either.
  3. Just to be clear, I wasn't insinuating Watson resort to physical violence. Sorry if my post came off that way. I simply meant he's clearly not interested in any face-to-face talks and pushing the issue at this point may result in his disappointment and frustration coming out in a....ahem...unprofessional way due to his negative feelings right now with the organization. Give the dude his space right now and hope for the best if you really want to make amends.
  4. Doubtful but he might tell them where to go with their proposed "talks" and shut it down at the opening of any dialogue to get his message through to them.
  5. Being sacked close to 400 times and venting your frustration about it is being selfish?
  6. Sometimes, depending on how deep the wound is, "Men" know it's best to not meet face to face, or someone is going to get hurt, feelings or otherwise.
  7. Yes everything in today's world is about race especially in the NFL where the world is predominantly made up of black players (what is is? 70-75%?) but the percentage of black head coaches in the league does not represent diversity does it? But yes, it's about the "race card", but in the opposite meaning you've stated. Please don't get me started okay?
  8. And the comment about "Deshaun Watson trying to strong arm an NFL franchise into giving him more ownership power" is simply ridiculous. Ownership stated they wanted to involve him in management decisions. Please tell me how Deshaun is "strong-arming" the organization when he was invited to the table to provide his input?
  9. Very True. He did know when he signed the dotted line. I'm not disputing that as a fact. My point is that the organization has a history of racism and it could have played a role into his decision making process of finally wanting out and saying he'll never play for them again.
  10. I know what has been said and the sting of racism living with it all my life? Do you?
  11. And you know this with certainty without a doubt it had no bearing on his decision wanting out being made now? I need for you to be my personal futurist psychologist on the effects of social justice issues please.
  12. I'm now going to give you another fact, that's on record--after McNair made his statement, DeAndre Hopkins replied the comment hurt him so deeply he said it made him feel "like a slave."
  13. I didn't make the "we can't have the inmates running the prison comment" after NFL players started kneeling against police brutality and inequality. The owner of the team did.
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