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  1. Wow! I didn't know Cooper was putting up those numbers. 204 times! Is Cooper a very underrated fantasy asset that's flying low under the radar that can be exploited by us this season? FFC has his ADP at 4.04 in ppr right now. Do you think that's fair value? That seems to be low to me.
  2. How high are you willing to take him to ensure he's on your roster?
  3. I'm very happy SF made the move to help my Dolphins out.
  4. Happy to hear the logic I presented makes sense to you. Pitts is supposedly a unicorn at the position therefore based on positional scarcity it may make a lot of sense to take him to help Tua's confidence/development and still get value at the WR later in the draft. I was all on the Chase hype-train until I did more in depth reading on Pitts potential. As you somewhat stated, CINN logically should take Sewell at #5. I really can't see how they pass over him given how much Burrow was under duress leading to his season injury. They must shore up their OL and protect their franchise
  5. You may be completely right with your overall assessment with Pitts talent-wise and if he would be a good fit within Miami's offense. I'm just lookin at it from the perspective of how deep the talent pool is for TEs in this draft. From my readings on Pitts, he's essentially an elite WR in a TE's body supposedly a generational talent in a scarce position. While WR is relatively deep for this draft class? Also, Flores being a disciple of Belichick may want to utilize the same offense philosophy Belichick used in NE. Having two elite TEs supposedly opens up the offense and puts a lot
  6. Pitts is growing on me now as the best option at #6. They really could use a pass rusher or two to compete against the Bills.
  7. Guys have to ask out of curiosity, do you like Akers over Elliot this year?
  8. Okay thanks! and BTW appreciate you guys for giving me feedback. I may need more from you prior to the start of the season to make sure I'm not overvaluing/undervaluing players. I have missed playing a season for the last 18 years but missing the 2020 season makes me feel uneasy going into my draft this year.
  9. Okay, I skipped out playing last year because of Covid and didn't want to go through the headache of managing my league. Admittedly I didn't watch Akers play so I'll take your word on his potential for this season.
  10. Didn't Ekeler play the entire season as recent in 2019 when he put up monster numbers? I'll have to check, but I don't recall durability being an issue with him. I mean all RBs get hurt. Akers got hurt last year too. Let me ask you, and I don't know if you play in ppr formats, what round would you take Ekeler in provided the Chargers don't bring in anyone to take significant snaps away from him.
  11. Lets wait and see if the Chargers take a RB in the first few rounds of the draft. I haven't really looked at the Chargers most pressing positional needs. Don't get me wrong, I do like Akers alot but in a full point ppr format Ekeler is money.
  12. Which is precisely why I said "currently" there is no one to take significant snaps away from him. And in PPR you don't need to be a workhorse in the traditionally sense to put up monster numbers.
  13. Not denying anything you just stated but it still doesn't change the assertion he was better with the Chargers long before being with the Saints now does it?
  14. Ok then let's leave Lombardi out of the equation for a minute. Are you aware of the production Ekeler had last year (despite being injured) and that Herbert is the new check-down magnet king in the NFL? Do I need to post the numbers? Also there is no-one currently that's going to take snaps away from Ekeler while we don't know for sure how much love Henderson will get. Also, more than likely the Chargers will be in more negative game scripts than the Rams.
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