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  1. Careful when you say Irv will be the 3rd pass-catcher don't forget about Cook.
  2. I disagree Sir and @DerrickHenrysCleatshas no choice but to back me (because he's a fanatic), but Henry's receiving numbers are going to explode thru the roof now. 😜
  3. You're really high on Swift and made some great compelling points IMHO. Question: How high are you willing to draft him to ensure he's on your team?
  4. Well couldn't help myself. I completed a FFC mock ppr draft taking Kelce in the 1st round (6th pick) to see how a team might turn out. Looks like FFC hasn't completely updated it's ADP rankings since the NFL draft. I didn't even see Najee Harris in the rankings. Would you be okay with this team with Kelce being selected first? Or would you rather wait and take Kittle or Waller where they were selected? I know Lamar Jackson would NEVER slide this far in my ppr high stakes league. What selections would you have made? https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/draft/
  5. Okay just wanted to verify. However, I assume in just about every draft, he's going to be a locked and loaded first rounder coming off the board.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Have you done any projections? Do you expect one of them to possibly emerge and separate from the others if they all stay healthy? I like your note they are all excellent PPR Wrs so I'll try to grab one of these guys in my high stakes ppr draft this year.
  7. *Cough Cough* Number 2 overall? @Gohawks where's the soonest you'd take him in a full ppr league?
  8. How would you rate them in ppr leagues? I'm having a hard time with this. I mocks I've seen Higgins ADP seems to have dropped the furthest. I prefer to take the guy that falls the furthest. I think he represents the best value.
  9. Ignoring Mixon may not be wise if he's available in the 3rd round.
  10. How many receptions are you banking on?
  11. We are in total agreement. From many of the expert mocks predictions, I've been reading Justin Fields has been slipping to the Dolphins. If that happens, and it's a very good chance one of the top 4 Quarterbacks fall to them, I see them trading back. Perhaps to Denver at 9 (ideally), or maybe the Bears. Rumor is Atlanta is enamored with Pitts. If that's the case, it's automatic one of those 4 QBs fall to them and they trade back for more draft capital. If they don't get the compensation they want for trading back then by all means please take Chase!
  12. Of course they should take Sewell over Pitts, but I don't see Sewell getting past the Bengals. The assume the Dolphins traded down then back up to 6 probably knowing Sewell will likely be off the board.
  13. Oh and meant to add: Daniel Jones has much better weapons then Hurts. Why not go with Jones over Hurts then?
  14. Define "proper" running QB. Daniel Jones is a running QB and he has job security right now. Does he fit your definition and do you consider him to be a top 10-12 QB?
  15. Too many needs on the D. It won't happen.
  16. Wow! I didn't know Cooper was putting up those numbers. 204 times! Is Cooper a very underrated fantasy asset that's flying low under the radar that can be exploited by us this season? FFC has his ADP at 4.04 in ppr right now. Do you think that's fair value? That seems to be low to me.
  17. How high are you willing to take him to ensure he's on your roster?
  18. I'm very happy SF made the move to help my Dolphins out.
  19. Happy to hear the logic I presented makes sense to you. Pitts is supposedly a unicorn at the position therefore based on positional scarcity it may make a lot of sense to take him to help Tua's confidence/development and still get value at the WR later in the draft. I was all on the Chase hype-train until I did more in depth reading on Pitts potential. As you somewhat stated, CINN logically should take Sewell at #5. I really can't see how they pass over him given how much Burrow was under duress leading to his season injury. They must shore up their OL and protect their franchise
  20. You may be completely right with your overall assessment with Pitts talent-wise and if he would be a good fit within Miami's offense. I'm just lookin at it from the perspective of how deep the talent pool is for TEs in this draft. From my readings on Pitts, he's essentially an elite WR in a TE's body supposedly a generational talent in a scarce position. While WR is relatively deep for this draft class? Also, Flores being a disciple of Belichick may want to utilize the same offense philosophy Belichick used in NE. Having two elite TEs supposedly opens up the offense and puts a lot
  21. Pitts is growing on me now as the best option at #6. They really could use a pass rusher or two to compete against the Bills.
  22. Guys have to ask out of curiosity, do you like Akers over Elliot this year?
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