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  1. Elite is full, please do no join WCFF (Auction, 9/1 5pm EST) has two slots left
  2. Confirming one spot remains in each league, all paid, last paid spot in Elite will result in draft order release
  3. 9 Paid in both leagues, next 3 to pay have the remaining slots...there are more than 5 "owners" that have said they are gong to pay in each league already so likely will fill quickly
  4. Both leagues have a bench of 6 spots, thank you for catching that!
  5. We have a significant amount of owners in both leagues but still first 12 to pay that get a spot, we are over half paid in both
  6. bump WCFF = Auction will draft 9/1 5pm EST Elite = Reg Draft will draft 9/1 8pm EST
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