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  1. If you held this long now is definitely not the time to cut bait. It's hard to hang on sometimes, but he still has a lot of upside behind only Riddick and his own health.
  2. You should know that I agree with you. What I meant originally is that the inept coaching of this team doesn't always do what seems so very obvious. Riddick between the tackles should end, and Washington should get at least 1/2 the carries out-right, but will that happen?? I have my doubts.
  3. Washington looked good but he's playing 2nd fiddle to Riddick until further notice. The Lions don't feature the run game, nor do they much care about bringing much run/pass balance anyways as has been the case for many seasons consecutively. They want to pass pass pass and then run in very obvious situations. They run the ball terribly I hate it. I wish they would smarten up for F's sake. Stafford and the pass game look decent and all, but these RB issues are getting old. Jeezzz, I guess they did lose Abdullah tho, maybe the run game was going to be a lot different this year, I don't kno
  4. I wonder of a lot of Elvis owners stashed Correa for the ROS like I did. It's one way out of this situation.
  5. Tired of owning him, can't drop him, can't trade him.. at least he's been hitting near the top of the order lately.
  6. Rams get in there!!! I want my Lions to go to the Super Bowl!
  7. Some team will end up owning VJax, it's only a matter of time. Minnesota really needs him, and I really hope they don't act! I think Rams or Vikes will get him.
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