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  1. Alex Smith played for Peterson in Kansas City, enough said. Also, he's throwing down a solid to cash in on down the road from Ron Rivera.
  2. I have Cam and picked up Trubisky. Leaning toward Cam because he'll no doubt burn me if I go with Mitch.
  3. Bench your Steelers, even though it seems like the NFL really wants this game to go.
  4. I have him and Claypool and benching both for D Parker & Godwin
  5. Yeah, Brady’s eyes for AB was over the top last night and IMO was why he laid an egg.
  6. Lamar for me too, high floor and high ceiling even though he's playing against Darth Vader
  7. Supposedly he was attending practice and left early before participating and had a team official with him at the time. Not sure what that all means but Payton said earlier today no more discipline would be enforced.
  8. The Cook owner offered me Gibson & throw in receiver for Dionte Johnson & Mattison. Please help and WHIR.
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