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  1. Each player I keep I lose a pick in each of the 1st three rounds. And our league is set up where you can keep any number of player up to 3. I believe 3 teams are keeping nobody so they will each have picks in the 1st 3 rounds. We do this so the "bad" teams from the previous year are able to pick up some great players to help their team. its worked very well each year we've done this so we keep it this way. So with that said, whoever i drop will not be there when it comes to my pick in the 4th round. FYI, I did win the league last year
  2. No way should be be at #4... unproven back. If he's there on back around, then do it.
  3. Obviously CMC... And I might actually seriously consider LJackson. He's basically a QB/RB. I'm never a big fan of keeping a QB but he isn't of the same mold. Otherwise, I'd say Sanders if you are hesitant about keeping a QB.
  4. mahomes, Chubb, Swift. Not high on Sutton and Juju shouldn't even be considered at that price.
  5. I like Deebo this year, even if he is on a run heavy team. I'm not a big fan of Jones, but at round 9, thats good value. Whats with mostert being a force drop? Not really liking any of the others... and like you mentioned, Kelce is pretty much the round he would be drafted to keep him.
  6. I generally don't even consider QBs, but Lamar is such a game changer that I've considered him... And what is Hopkins going to do now that he is in Zona?
  7. Can keep any 3 of the following. Kamara D. Cook Hopkins Godwin Lamar Jackson Obviously i'm going with Kamara & Cook. Who's your 3rd guy? This is 12 team league, NON-PPR
  8. I don't think it is all that bad. Rivers puts up points. I do like Wentz as your backup though. Personally, I could see him putting up better numbers than Rivers. Getting Ingram in the 5th round for PPR I feel could be a steal. I'm personally not sold on Gurley after last years dropoff, but he should still be able to get RB1 type numbers.
  9. Fell to #24 in one of my leagues. I couldn't take him fast enough at that spot.
  10. Got him at 237 yesterday. I think everyone just flat out forgot about him and he fell.
  11. Made a major keeper trade. I gave Stanton and Carrasco I received Mookie Betts & Manuel Margot
  12. Just moved Pujols & Maikel Franco for David Dahl in keeper league. I wasn't keeping Franco anyway, so it was really Pujols for Dahl in my eyes.
  13. Keeper league: Traded Buster Posey (also had Contreras on my roster) Received Aroldis Chapman
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