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  1. This exactly. He's a straight backup. His TD Sunday came on a play where he and CMC were on the field together. And with Cam being the goal line back, CJ just doesn't have consistent fantasy value. He may have a few good games but you will never know when that is. He's dropable in re-draft in my opinion.
  2. Me too, Man. And I had Minnesota's defense. I feel your pain.
  3. 2 out of 5 isn't half. Daryl Williams was a second team all pro Right Tackle last season. I'm not really worried about the Left Guard spot. They won't have a guy at Norwells caliber. But as Norwell proved, serviceable guards can be found. Matt Kalil is the problem. You guys need to study up. The line isn't great but it isn't bad. There aren't many teams with no holes on the line. RT: Daryl Williams (2nd team All Pro 2017) RG: Trai Turner (Pro-bowler) C: Ryan Kalil (all-pro, probowler) LG: Taylor Moton or someone not yet on the roster? LT: Ma
  4. What? Ryan Kalil is an all pro Center and Trai Turner is a Pro-bowl Right Guard.. They have a Left Guard issue now that they have to replace Norwell (who was an UDFA and one of the best guards in the league now). They really have a Left Tackle issue. Matt Kalil is a subpar starting Left Tackle. I'm not too concerned with the rest of the line.
  5. I'm not certain. But I understood the comment to mean good luck getting any of those players on the same team with Kamara. Kamara's ADP will be too high now.
  6. Are you saying CJ Anderson put the Broncos on his back and took them to a Super Bowl? I'm thinking the name you meant was Von Miller?
  7. He would make a lot of sense in Carolina. Just depends on how much he wants to get paid.
  8. Patriots are 2-3 in Super Bowls since they got busted for Spygate. If not for a miracle INT by Butler and an epic collapse by the Falcons, they'd be 0-5. GTFO of here with the greatest of all time talk. What they've done is impressive and the deserve credit. I imagine it's still hard to pull off even when you're cheating. Walsh/Montana > Bellicheat/Brady.
  9. People also hate cheaters. Patriots have been caught and penalized more than once for cheating. Also, I hate the fact that the AFC East has been garbage and has given them a free pass to the divisional round of the playoffs almost every year.
  10. My thought exactly. The Patriots are the best organization I've ever seen at hiding player injuries. This is all smokescreen media games.
  11. It's honestly not very competitive. It's a league on NFL.com a friend and I both joined that gives a ring as the prize. We wanted to wave it in each others face.
  12. I left Olsen (one of my all time favorite players) on the bench and played Vernon Davis instead. I would have won if I played him. This will haunt me for years.
  13. I barely beat a guy that had Carson Wentz as his starting QB. He had McCoy, Gordon, and Ingram. If he was paying attention I'd be done. But he snoozed and now I get Zeke back for the 'Ship!
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