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  1. Honest question, but in modern history has anyone been accused by this volume of people for the same crime and ever been categorically cleared of any wrong doing? Where there's smoke there is fire. Where there are 13 pillars of smoke, there is a sexual predator in my opinion. This case sums up everything you need to know about society, that there is still half a fan base in San Francisco thinking the Niners should and will trade for the guy. I think this ends up being the Vick dog scandal of this decade. Not sure if he goes to prison, but in today's day and age I have a hard time
  2. What's the expectation with Kitchens calling the plays? Thinking back to last year's Browns I feel like they didn't run the ball enough, and relied way too much on Mayfield. I can't imagine they'd take that approach with Colt McCoy or an injured Daniel Jones, but at the same time the Giants best playmaker is Evan Engram and the Browns have the 2nd worst defense against Tight Ends so I have to think Kitchens tries to go big in his 1st playcalling opportunity. Do people see Kitchens calling plays as a positive or negative for Gallman?
  3. Fair point, but the guy just wanted to get paid, and I'm guessing his miserable existence in New York might make him appreciate a winning culture and realize what he had in Pittsburgh. Maybe not though, be curious to hear what his thoughts would be about a reunion with them. Whether Pitt would still hold the grudge is another question, but I don't think they would, they want to win.
  4. Niners are my team, I'd be shocked if they showed interest. RB is the only position that isn't a miserable disappointment this year. They need help badly on the O'Line and Secondary. It's just not a move Lynch would make with the other glaring needs.
  5. I don't know, they have a squad this year, I think they'd let bygones be bygones. Last year was a lost season, and they'd likely do whatever it took to avoid that. I'm not predicting Pittsburgh, I think he'll stay in New York, just trying to outline the possibilities. Bell knowing the offense is worth something, I would think.
  6. They are always one James Conner grimace away from depth issues. When that time comes, they might not have the ability to get a guy like Bell who already knows the offense.
  7. I agree a competent RB could have helped them the last few weeks, particularly last night. I don't know if they got a single extra yard the entire night, they were dropping at contact like the old Tecmo Bowl game, was pretty weak. I just don't know if they'd make that investment with Ekeler eventually returning and this basically being a foundation year where they are looking to build for the future. 1-4 is a tough hole to dig out of in that division, but if they feel they can make a run with a competent RB, then I would agree he is a good fit there.
  8. Steelers Dolphins Bears Could probably make an argument for those 3. Not sure who else would want to get involved, so the most likely alternative is he stays in New York.
  9. Weren't the local beat guys for the Giants saying Engram could easily amass 1,000 yards receiving in this offense? What the hell were they watching?
  10. NKeal Harry. Brady was a deush the last few years, having no desire or patience to make any of the young guys or new additions get better. 6 Rings, yeah I get it, but he was an insufferable turd the last 2 seasons. I don't think he attended either mini camp in that time, which is vital for those young guys. I'll even go as far as saying we would all think DK Metcalf is a massive bust if he was drafted by New England. They don't throw the type of balls that Russell Wilson did to DK, in New England, he would have been a jacked lawn ornament in Foxboro. So circling back to NKeal,
  11. Stop it. Deebo is not a great route runner, he's a YAC guy, and he would stand to benefit if the Niners brought in a speed guy to stretch the field and open things up underneath. They actually really missed Marques Goodwin in that role this year.
  12. I think the Superbowl was the first game all year that there wasn't a single hold called the entire game. Just on the surface I think the game was too loosely officiated and I find it near impossible that nobody held all game. I believe KC led the NFL in Defensive Holdings leading up to it as well, not 100% on that though. That said, the Niners had opportunities to win despite any of that, and didn't capitalize so I refuse to put the blame on officials. The only team in my opinion that I believe can use that excuse is the Packers in the Fail Mary game, since they had no opportunity to
  13. Chris Jones was the MVP. 40 of Williams yards came after the D didn't care, they had already lost the game once he picked up the 1st down. Jones dominated throughout.
  14. Can't wait for Brady to just go away, he's become equally more insufferable as the years have gone by. Every time his slinks down the topic board or another QB begins to get some national attention and acclaim, he does something to steer attention back to himself. This stadium post serves solely to turn the conversation towards him.
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