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  1. Every pass catcher on this team is hurt. Sounds familiar. He's going to have another great year, and I think he's a steal seeing him go in the middle of the 5th (according to Fantasy Football Calculator ADP).
  2. They didn't want him because they are trying to not win games... (and save money)
  3. Never mind, son. Considering recent events, I think we all know.
  4. I think this is exactly what AP was referring to. Pony has always been a term for two-back formations. The one thing that still has me wondering is what he means by saying they "really want one main guy to do it." Obviously two RBs in the backfield needs more than just Gibson. I'm assuming that they mean that Gibson will always be one of the two in that formation, and then will use one of the other three as his complement, depending on down and distance.
  5. For drafts held since yesterday at NFFC, his ADP is at 72 overall, with a high of 47.
  6. Fournette was also one of the highest graded RB in his class in pass protection coming out of LSU, according to PFF. I don’t think he’s great, but he’s a serviceable blocker. The eye test with RoJo makes it seem he’s considerably worse than Fournette, at least to me.
  7. I’m not concerned with that because he’s been incredibly efficient with the touches he’s received ever since his rookie year in 2016. Even with ~50 carries of junk during the first half of 2019, he still has a career 4.8 ypc over >450 carries. He’s not just a guy who came from nowhere - the fantasy community has been clamoring for him to get more run for years. I think most people saw his biggest issue was lack of opportunity, not talent.
  8. It’s all just speculation. We just know it falls somewhere between 1 and 32. But I think that the logical assumption is that Tampa was not his only suitor. Considering that he signed for only $2 mil guaranteed, he’s just 25, was a high first round pick, and has racked up a lot of stats in his career. And even if you’re a team that thinks he’s a jag and only looks at advanced metrics, you’re also going to have tons of talent evaluators falling back to his pedigree, measurables and his time with a losing franchise. Lengthy checklist? I’m saying that it’s literally just one thi
  9. What I’m saying is that out of all the reasons thrown around for why LF chose Tampa, the only one that makes any actual sense is that he viewed it, whether based on competition or conversation, as the best place for him to demonstrate his abilities. Considering the dollar amount and the $1.5 million in performance incentives, I think it’s a logical assumption that he received some of those assurances. I think where you’re not getting my point is that any promise is a promise of opportunity. Obviously he’s not going to continuously getting the rock if he doesn’t perform. No one would
  10. And see, I don’t get this reasoning. Fournette signed within what, 2 days of being waived? I doubt he had zero suitors, and if you believe what’s been reported, he maybe had 5+ teams. You think a 25 year old on the final year of his rookie deal, whose next contract depends on proving Twitter and the Jags wrong (that he sucks), is going to pick the first, or even the highest, deal that comes along if it doesn’t include opportunities to showcase himself? And yeah, I get that the boss can decide just not to play him. Same is true for any player, and the same is true for any person
  11. Son, just point to where on the doll that OBJ touched you.
  12. Exactly, and I honestly expected Mitch to be the starter anyway to start the year. You can’t go back to Mitch if Foles wins the job outright. They want him to succeed. Seems to be a lot of overreacting to something that’s really value neutral. So same QB situation as last year, no real addition of anyone to take targets, current injuries to the RB core, team is favored in only like 5-6 so tons of volume. What I actually see here is a very, very safe WR pick. I think he’s almost guaranteed to be a WR1. He just may not have the upside to be THE WR1.
  13. Exactly, and I don't necessarily think he won't be used in short yardage situations. If he would have worked out with the RBs at the combine, he would have weighed in as the third heaviest at 228lbs. He actually has almost the exact same measurables as Jonathan Taylor.
  14. I'm not who you quoted, but IMO, that's exactly what I'd do. I don't understand the Jones supporters who are saying that by drafting two RBs, signing McCoy, then signing Fournette, is somehow a vote of confidence for RoJo. Seems pretty transparent that they thought these RB additions, mostly hidden by the strong position players outside the RB room, were going to be enough to get them through to the end. But then there became the possibility to solidify the position and turn it instead into an actual strength. And if there were any real concerns with his character or locker room presence, why
  15. Since I couldn't get this to embed and she didn't thread the posts, from AP:
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