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  1. Day N Nite Crookers Remix is one that always is on when we are partying. That song is pretty sick. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo Sharam - Texi That's all I need to hear for now.
  2. I'll be at a concert tonight. Hopefully I can pick beforehand.
  3. I would, but no access to site, so no #.
  4. I heard Ray showed him some burglaring skillz.
  5. I think he is out of commission til about 7 pm est. Hopefully not though. Remember reading that he can't look at his phone or might get punched in the face by his boss or something.
  6. I prolly would have taken Johnson there instead then lol.
  7. I guess I should have gone MJD, Megatron then Mendenhall. According to that strategery, I'd be sitting on a gold mine then.
  8. I hear ya HL. I wanted a wide out and didn't like what I had to work with.
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