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  1. It's Woods and Gordon for me. Evans tweaked the hammy again today. Denver might split carries but Gordon will be catching passes and getting the goal line work so I think he's being a little undervalued
  2. If Carson and Andrews had seasons like last year, I'd actually rather hold, but Carson is coming off a significant injury and Andrews is primed for regression if his TD rate slips. Zeke is a sure thing so I'd make the deal. Typically the side with the best player wins the trade!
  3. Although I love Carson, you have to start Fuller this week. This will probably be the only week you can take advantage of him before he breaks....
  4. Absolutely Burkhead! The other two options have MUCH higher ceilings. Stop thinking so much and do it!
  5. I have a bad feeling about Kamara this season - it's never a good sign when players are getting injections in their spine to deal with pain before the season even starts. That worries me more than the contract situation. If the league was Full PPR, you might be able to convince me, but at .5 PPR, I'd go with Henry.
  6. Usually I'd say Parker but he's likely to be attached to Gilmore all day. I would lean Edelman this week
  7. In a keeper league, you can't fall in love with players - you win by maximizing value. Brown in the 6th is a MUCH better value than Taylor in the 3rd. We've already seen that Brown can be a #1 WR. If Taylor ends up splitting carries with Mack and cedes 3rd down to Hines, he may be available to draft in the 3rd or close to it anyway next season. If Brown continues to ball, you'll have him at value for several more years.
  8. I'm actually really high on P. Williams this year. I think I'd drop McKinnon from Team 1 - we have no idea if he'll have a role this season and is likely to miss time with injuries.
  9. This is really a question of your risk tolerance. Kittle is a huge upgrade for you but Green is a HUGE risk. If you had more reliable depth at WR I would make the deal but your bench doesn't inspire much confidence. My gut says to hold and hope Gesicki pops this year.
  10. Zeke every day! Kamara is MUCH riskier (he had an injection in his spine this week to address pain).
  11. I would make two changes to your lineup - I like Wentz over Allen this week. Allen has the higher ceiling but he's still Josh Allen - I tend to play it safe in Week 1 until we get a better sense of how things look (especially this season). Plus reports are looking as if Reagor may actually play this weekend. I would also start Herndon over Jonnu. I'm not particularly high on Jonnu this season because I just don't see the volume. Herndon could see huge volume.
  12. My 4 RBs are McCaffrey, Jacobs, Carson & M. Gordon My WR core is strong but I can start 4 WR so should I give up Carson for Thielen or am I better off holding Carson for depth? Current roster is in signature. TIA!
  13. Hey Gang! Big three-team trade going down. My team is already probably the strongest in the league due to some late-season trades for picks so I can afford to trade away some depth to make me stronger up top. Given my current roster, does this deal make sense if I can land it? Team in signature I Give: Chris Carson, Melvin Gordon, Courtland Sutton (can be kept for a 5th round pick) I Get: CEH, Adam Thielen I feel as though I'd essentially be upgrading my RB3 and WR3 at the cost of Melvin Gordon and a little keeper value. Thoughts? TIA!
  14. Looking for committed and active long-term owners for a 12-team dynasty startup. We'll use MFL and there's a minimal $10 fee (via LeagueSafe) to cover league costs. Respond with your email for an invitation!
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