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  1. In my experience, 27 lbs of new muscle in one year is not possible naturally. If some of it is muscle he previously had and lost then maybe but it would still be one of the best 1 yr gains I have ever seen in over 30 yrs in the gym.
  2. Murray has got to be really hurting to play this bad for the 3rd straight week. Why are they still playing him?
  3. This ^^^^ Is Pederson trying to get fired. How the hell is Howard getting carries over Sanders? 🤬
  4. I knew I should have benched AJ - dude just disappears some games. 😖
  5. How the heck are the Arizona receivers not getting open against a terrible secondary? I saw one play where 3 receivers were standing still not even moving.
  6. If Carson sits, I am benching Drake and putting Hyde in there. Hyde looked good in the one game he got a lot of action. Way more confident of Hyde against Arizona's run D than I am with Drake against Seattle's. 🤞
  7. Even though there is risk here due to the late start, all indications on our local news is that he is a full go. I realize that players have been used as decoys before but I think it would be foolish in this case. They should be able to handle a Dallas team starting their 3rd string QB without risking further injury to Goedert by having him just run around out there the week before their bye. I'm sitting Burton in both leagues I have him for Goedert without hesitation.
  8. Me too along with Ridley. Plus a prop bet on Moore over 67.5 yards receiving FML 🤬
  9. I'm guessing he won't play. They probably think they can beat Dallas without him and they have a bye next week. After that he should be close to 100%.
  10. If OBJ is injured significantly injured that will make 5 out of my first 10 draft picks are lost to injury. 😭
  11. I think you would be hard pressed to find an Eagles fan that still feels Jeffery is even relevant anymore. Maybe later in the year as a red zone guy but for the past 2-3 yrs he has contributed very little for the money they are paying him. Even worse is he doesn't seem to care anymore.
  12. This ^^. I was excited to finally get him in there - now can't take the pretty big chance that this game doesn't happen. 😢
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