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  1. Which soft tosser sucks more Greinke or Hendricks? 😫
  2. Morton and Peterson have pretty much guaranteed I'm drinking tonight. 🤬
  3. He should be upset after the big turd he just laid. Just what they needed down to 4 SP's.
  4. Guess Chicago has no bullpen? Giolito is done but left in the game for well over 100 pitches. After the last outing they should have taken him out on a good note. LaRussa sucks
  5. Finally had enough of getting nothing from Tyler O'Neill and dropped him last night. 2 Bombs today - FML. I don't know why I do fantasy sometimes. 🤬
  6. 15 team Draft and Hold league with 50 player roster - currently 15 of my players on IL 😩
  7. After the way they smacked Greinke around last night and Odorizzi tonight, I may sit all my SP's but Giolitto vs the Tigers 🙄
  8. As a Phillies fan, I watched him all weekend. He is even better than I thought. Even the few outs he makes are crushed.
  9. Greinke pitching batting practice for the Tigers 🤦‍♂️
  10. That he was facing a AAA lineup - guess we know how he will do when he ends up in AAA. 😆
  11. Trevor Williams crapping the bed against his ex-team. So much for the revenge factor 😆
  12. Seems like it - I am getting an itchy drop finger. Losing interest real quick
  13. Yaz finally got credit for his HR on 5/5. Missed Bundy's start yesterday because CBS had him starting vs TOR tomorrow. It was still that way when I went to bed last night, finally fixed this am. Pretty crappy for a pay site
  14. I hate closers - I feel like a dog chasing my tail in a circle. 😡
  15. Verdugo wasn't on my draft list but he dropped to the point (152) where he was too hard to ignore. So far I'm not impressed. 😆
  16. And here we are - So far , 2021 doesn't look too promising for Hilliard 🤦‍♂️
  17. I think I heard yesterday was Pujols's 21st consecutive Opening Day start - hopefully that is all that was.
  18. Season hasn't even started and lost Yates and Eloy - things have to get better! 😖
  19. I listened to the first few rounds last night and some owners had some draft strategies that were a little different than normal. I've looked around some but haven't been able to find this draft board showing the names associated with the individual draft slots. Would love to see that as there are certain guys I give more credence to than others. Thanks for sharing this.
  20. I have done 4 drafts so far and haven't seen a difference of more than 40-50 picks between Robert and Grisham.
  21. In my experience, 27 lbs of new muscle in one year is not possible naturally. If some of it is muscle he previously had and lost then maybe but it would still be one of the best 1 yr gains I have ever seen in over 30 yrs in the gym.
  22. Murray has got to be really hurting to play this bad for the 3rd straight week. Why are they still playing him?
  23. This ^^^^ Is Pederson trying to get fired. How the hell is Howard getting carries over Sanders? 🤬
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