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  1. Robby Anderson, Parris Campbell @mmcc1029 otc
  2. Tony Pollard, Alexander Mattison @mmcc1029 otc
  3. 2.03 Bryan Edwards 2.04 @aburley OTC
  4. Jalen Reagor Michael Pittman Jr. @mneel55 otc I think
  5. 1. White Choc - @mneel55 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Kansas City Chiefs 2. Luck Dynasty - @mbroo5880i - Jonathan Taylor, RB, Indianapolis Colts 3. Silver and Black - to Wink - @El_Chingon - JK Dobbins 4. Very Bad Man - @aburley Cam Akers 5. Southern Steeler @southernSteeler D'andre Swift 6. Cock and Awe - @Iron-cock traded to Hard1 who picked Antonio Gibson 7. JHM - CeeDee Lamb 8. Discount Double Check - @sportsguy21792 OTC 9. Texan AD - To Silver & Black - @TexanAD 10. Wink - To Silver & BLack - @Winky 11. Cooks and Castles - to JHM - @vikingapocalypse 12
  6. Yeah, it's easy to miss if you don't pay attention year round. It would be the ultimate slap in the fact to NE
  7. Casual football fan? Craft and NE hate Irsay and the Colts. So Brady could stick it to them by signing with the Colts
  8. If Tom really wants to stick it to Craft, his best option is Indy.
  9. The Tom Brady disrespect is strong in this thread. If you watched him last year you would know he's not washed. It's not his fault they keep picking bad receivers. Kneal Harry was a terrible pick from the beginning. Without Brady, Belichick would be nothing.
  10. I love Taysom Hill but it comes at the cost of Kamara. He eats into his carries and has just been more effective when given the ball.
  11. 1.8 for Kalen. In that case, I’m all in on Drake 🙄
  12. This guy couldn’t beat out Kalen Ballage...Just a flash in the pan in Arizona
  13. Tannehill has really brought Derrick Henry to a respectable level. I wish he would have started all year for the titans. His influence on that offense is understated.
  14. Seeing a lot of Lockett in here...must mean he's due for a huge year and over 75 targets for the first time ever
  15. I don't know. Sounds like he fits right in on your roster.
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